Tuesday, October 22, 2013

C is for Corn Maze

Blogging Through the Alphabet
I've decided I am NOT going to stress about the weeks I miss blogging through the alphabet (like last week, sigh . . . ), I'm just going to join in on the weeks I DO remember.  So, without further ado . . . C is for Corn Maze!

When the twins were little, we went to a corn maze every fall. I remember them as little 18 month olds, running along the paths while my mom and I tried to keep them in site, and my dad was in charge of finding the way out LOL.  Even more memorable, was when I took two 4 yr olds to a corn maze and we got lost in it! You can read about that adventure here. Since moving to PA, I had never gotten around to finding a corn maze for us to go to. But this year, there's one right down the road (more or less) from our house, so I really had no excuse! Even so, it's taken me almost to the end of the season to actually find time to go! So, when the weather on Sunday was AMAZING, I decided this had better be the day! After we did school, I told the girls that if they could quickly fix, eat, and clean-up-after lunch, we could go to a nearby corn maze that afternoon.  It's amazing what a little motivation does to their speed LOL.

I was kind of surprised to find that this corn maze had no "directions".  I was used to ones that give you a map, or "clues" or SOMETHING. This one, we were just on our own, but it wasn't too huge or convoluted, so it worked. After the first couple turns, Little Bit and I were cramping the big girls' style, so I told them to stay together, and wait for us at the end, and turned them lose. Little Bit had a BLAST getting to choose which way to turn at each branch in the path, which, of course, led to us walking in many, many circles, but she had fun, and it was a beautiful fall day, and I was able to pretty much keep my bearings, so I knew I could find our way out if we needed to, so it was all good :)

All our going-in-circles meant that the big girls found their way out much faster, so by the time we got out, Ashlyn was worrying about us LOL. She had, apparently thought they should come back in and find us, but Lexie told her she had to wait until some set time, and we made it out ahead of Lexie's deadline :)

Besides the cornmaze, there were lots of other things to do, more for Little Bit's age, but a few for the big girls.

The big scooters were pretty cool, and their track had enough slope to it, that the girls could pick up speed going down the one side, so they spent quite awhile doing that. I wish I'd been able to get a picture (but was afraid it would disturb the moment) later in the day when Lexie was helping Little Bit ride one of the scooters :)

The pile of hay behind the scooter track was some type of hay tunnel to crawl through, but the big girls checked it out and said that it was only one person wide and there was no guidance requiring that people all go the same direction, so it was just frustrating.

Since the scooters were abit bit for Little Bit, except when Lexie helped her, she preferred the tricycles. They were pretty awesome with nice big inflated tires to go easily over the rough ground. And while the place wasn't deserted, it wasn't so busy, but what she could ride to her heart's content without having to take turns with other kids :)

There was also a "track" with a bunch of "cozy car" type riding toys, that she tried, but found she was just too big for those to work well.

She also spent quite awhile playing in a plastic "play house" that had a window that she decided was for selling ice cream out of, I bought LOTS of ice cream that day, interestingly, it all looked like straw, no matter what flavor  I asked for LOL.

There was also an "igloo" (for lack of better word, I'm thinking it might have been intended to be a "house" for calves or something?)  that had a bunch of corn cobs that the kids could shell, so Little Bit spent awhile playing in that, shelling corn, and playing with the already shelled corn that was in there among all the corn husks and cobs.

After we had exhausted the activities at the corn maze area, we headed in to the ice cream shop that is always there, and enjoyed some ice cream before heading home. It was a great way to spend a gorgeous autumn afternoon! 

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