Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - Oct 14

As fast as time seems to fly (have we really lived in this house for TEN MONTHS already?) , sometimes thinking back to a week ago seems like forever . . . We've been busy!

A week ago we were tagging along with Rodney on a work trip to western PA.

Sunday Rodney had two clients to meet with, both animal lovers.  We dropped him off at the first place, and found a pretty cool playground to hang out at while he worked.

The girls played, we found a geocache, we ate lunch, then went to pick Rodney up.  Before we left, his client gave us a tour of her "farm". The girls enjoyed seeing lamas, goats, chickens, turkeys and some BIG goldfish!

Then we headed on to the next client. This was what the girls had been looking forward to this whole trip! Meeting Lily the skunk!  That's right, one of Rodney's clients, has a pet skunk named Lily.

The family also has a large puppy, who was very excited to have kids there to play with, and the puppy being hyper made Lily nervous, but she was still pretty sweet, and let all of us take a turn holding her.

The girls and I did some school while Rodney was working, and then we all went outside to play with the dog before we left to head back to our hotel.

Monday morning the girls and I stayed at the hotel and swam and did school.

In the afternoon we were PLANNING to go to Carnegie Science Center, but once we were stuck in horrific traffic we realized there was a Pirates playoff game that afternoon and Carnegie Science Center closes for Pirates and Steelers games so the stadiums can use their parking lot. The girls had lots of not-very-nice things to say about baseball that day LOL.

Since we were already downtown, we went to the Children's Museum instead. The big girls still love it there, and this year Little Bit was old enough to really get into it too. The building toy was a hit, and for that matter, so was everything else.

And painting is as much fun as ever.

All three girls did pretty much all the art options there were. It was fun to see Little Bit getting into it and doing the same things her sisters have loved since we started going out there when Little Bit was itty bitty.

Tuesday Rodney dropped us at Carnegie Science Center and left us there all day. You already heard about that day here.

Wednesday morning Rodney had one final client to meet with, so he went to do that while the girls and I packed, and then the girls played in the pool for a couple hours. Once Rodney came back, we loaded the car and headed home.

We got home and my parents had just gotten to our house. I hadn't told Little Bit they were coming, so she was shocked, it was hilarious!

Thursday the girls, my mom, and I went to the church and set up the Sabbath school room while my Dad did some rewiring of our generator (when we bought the house it came with a built in generator for power outages BUT for whatever reason the refrigerator wasn't on the generator and, since Dad put in a new circuit (or breaker or whatever it's called) for our basement deep freeze, it wasn't on the generator either. With winter coming, our likelihood of power outages increases, so we wanted to make sure those 2 things were on the generator, and that we knew what else was/wasn't on it).  I wasn't sure how the Sabbath school room was going to go. We needed to make it look like "Palestine" (as in, Bible times) and I wasn't coming up with much, but it turned out great.  I'd noticed, before our trip, that there was a carpet remnant in the closet of an unused classroom (that we used this summer when our classroom's a/c wasn't working), and had decided that laying that across the front of the room, upside down, would work well for sand. When I sent the girls down to get that, they also found a cut-out of a camel, and brought it up.  The camel definitely helps. In the end it all came together pretty well, and as always, the girls had fun doing it LOL.

Thursday was also at least an attempt to get back into a school routine of sorts after being gone :) While we had lots of LEARNING going on, on our trip, we didn't have alot of time to work on our current review items, so we've been trying to hit those pretty hard since we got back. One thing we're reviewing right now is a Chemistry and Physics Curriculum. We did some textbook work while we were travelling, but it was hard to do the experiments, so we caught up on those on Thursday, including learning about density. Layering colored salt water, of different densities, in straws was the hands-down favorite experiment that day :)

Friday morning my parents headed home, and our friend, Judy came over. Judy was our neighbor at our last house, but she moved last fall, and of course, we moved last winter. In THEORY, we would see her every month or two, by stopping in on our way to or from my parents' house, but with my parents up here so much this year helping with projects, we haven't been to their house as much, and when we have gone, either she's been busy or we've had a deadline that doesn't allow for an extra stop on the way there or back, so we hadn't seen her since the girls' birthday in March!!!! It was definitely fun to catch up with her, though Little Bit had a cold, and I think, didn't remember her, so wasn't feeling sociable.

Sabbath was our first week with a new Sabbath School Curriculum (hence the new room set-up).  Since Little Bit and J are my only regular attendees, as they're getting older, the format we'd been using wasn't working as well, so I decided to try something different. Time will tell, but for this first week, it held their attention better than the old format, so that was encouraging :)

And that was our week! Don't forget to enter my giveaway! If you don't have little ones, this would be great to donate to your church's nursery, or give to a friend with little ones.

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