Friday, March 28, 2014

I Blinked . . . and Now They Are 11!!

How in the WORLD can my babies be 11 already? Seriously, I don't understand!!! They have matured so much in the past year. There's not much "little girl" left in them *sob*, but they're growing into lovely young ladies, and are so much fun!

We do a similar birthday routine, to what I described on Little Bit's birthday, though they informed me they didn't need crowns, or a "path" this year, and I just left the same hearts on the window and balloons at the bottom of the stairs, that were still up from Wednesday :)

A tradition I started with all 3 girls 5 years ago (because that's when I read about the idea, online), is to get each of them a teacup each year for their birthday. That way they'll each have a nice big collection of teacups by the time they're grown. Each year I browse Goodwill, and stores like TJ Maxx, to find their teacups, so each one is different. this year we also gave Lexie a teapot that matches one of her other teacups, and Ashlyn a cute sugar bowl that I found. And of course, we read their rainbow bridge story this morning, and lit their candles :)

Here's their story:

Once upon a time two tiny babies began growing side-by-side in a warm little nook. They snuggled together, and sometimes they  played together. The second one loved to do somersaults. The first one was anxious to get out and explore the new world they were getting ready for. But every time she asked the special rainbow fairy if it was time yet, the fairy shook her head. Finally the first baby got tired of waiting, the second one told her they should wait, and follow the rules, but the first baby just wiggled and giggled and danced her way across the rainbow bridge. As she reached the other side, her new mommy and daddy excitedly welcomed her, and called her Lexie.

The second baby sighed, and slid, feet-first across the rainbow bridge, and the Mommy and Daddy excitedly welcomed her, and called her Ashlyn.

(light the first candle)

And then Lexie and Ashlyn were one year old and they loved to slide down the stairs on their tummies, and they were giggly and happy.

(light the second candle)

When they were two years old they loved to splash in the water and swing on the swings.

(light the third candle)

When they were three years old they loved all things Princess.

(light the fourth candle)

When they were four years old, they liked to visit Daddy at work, and play on the playground.

(light the fifth candle)

When they were five years old, they moved to Pennsylvania, where they could play outside all day long.

(light the sixth candle)

When they were six years old, they welcomed their new baby sister into their home.

(light the seventh candle)

When they were seven years old, they loved visiting science museums and picking raspberries.

(light the eighth candle)

When they were eight years old they helped their Papa build an awesome playhouse.

(light the ninth candle)

When they were nine years old, they moved to a new house.

(light the tenth candle)

When they were ten years old, they enjoyed outside time, handwork, and learning.

(light the eleventh candle)

And now Lexie is eleven years old! She loves to read, is great with little children, and has an answer for everything.
And Ashlyn is eleven years old! She wants to know how everything work, and always does her best. 
Lexie and Ashlyn are turning into lovely, intelligent young ladies and we're so happy to be a part of their eleventh birthday.

(make a wish, blow out the candles and sing Happy Birthday)

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Monica said...

Happy birthday, Lexie and Ashlyn! How cool that you are going to have such an awesome teacup collection! :)