Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - March 17

Whew! What a busy week!

We finally had some wonderful spring-like weather! So the girls were able to do SOME playing outside. Mostly in the driveway, because snow and mud make the yard not real appealing yet. But one afternoon they spent a couple hours playing with basketballs on the driveway, and that was before the snow in front of the actual basketball net had melted LOL. They had more fun with it once they could get to the net.

Tuesday we took a friend to the airport in Baltimore, and took the opportunity to go visit friends at ADRA, where Rodney worked when the twins were little. It was good to see people, and "show off" our big kids to people who remember the tiny, 5 lb babies they started out as. . . Then we went to friends' house in the area and stayed there overnight. Their kids and ours, had never really met, but hit it off from the minute we got there, and all seemed to have a fun evening.

Wednesday when we got home, my dad had left me a message asking about going to their house this weekend, so after some discussion, we decided that the girls and I would spent the weekend at their house. Which meant hurrying to get caught up on laundry and such so we could leave again.

After music lessons on Thursday, we went to the Reading Museum again, since Little Bit still hasn't tired of the Dora and Diego exhibit. This time, she spent most of her time at the "animal rescue" station, which is probably my favorite part. They have stuffed animals and a "scanner" that tells you what is "wrong" with the animal, and then you can give it "food" or "water" or a "bath" or whatever. . . even the big girls had fun with it, since they had a little sister to give them an excuse to do it LOL.

After Dora and Diego, we headed back to the electricity exhibit for the big girls, now that we've read that chapter in their science book, and Ashlyn helped Lina use the animal footprint stamps that Lexie and Ashlyn had found last time, but Lina hadn't seen until it was time to go.

Friday we headed to Mama and Papa's house. Sabbath afternoon we met friends at a park that I hadn't been to since I was probably younger than the twins. It has some nice playground areas now, spread out so that even though there were quite a few people at the park, no one area was crowded enough to be annoying.  All of the kids enjoyed the merry-go-round.

But Lexie and Ashlyn spent most of their time taking turns taking our friend's 20 mo old down the slides. He is FEARLESS and loves the slides, so his mommy was happy to hand that job over to the girls. And they loved it. He figured out to climb the ladder (with a big girl behind him to keep him from falling through the (rather inadequate, IMO) side-rails . . .

. . . and  then he'd wait at the top, pointing out all the cars going by, while she got sat down so he could climb onto her lap to go down the slide.

The weather was AMAZINGLY PERFECT and we had a very fun afternoon!!!

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