Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up - March 9

We had a quiet week . . . I like quiet weeks, but they don't make for fascinating wrap-ups LOL.

We've been reading and watching quite abit about ancient Egypt for history. It's been fun to hear the girls express opinions about the varied theories . . . perhaps my favorite, was listening to them go OFF about a video we watched in which, one of the "experts" stated emphatically that this was HOW IT HAPPENED without any real evidence. Both Lexie and Ashlyn were soo annoyed . . . "you can't say it DID happen that way! You can't prove it! You should be saying it MIGHT have happened that way!!"  I love it when school makes them think :)

All our ancient history studies have also led to a renewed, expanded interest in creationism, and the proof for young earth creationism. Lexie and Ashlyn's birthday list has expanded with several books on the topic that they've heard mentioned in resources we're using, and now they want to dig more deeply into it (one that I found fascinating was that the ancient chinese pictograph for "boat" literally shows 8 mouths on a vessel . . . interesting, considering there were 8 people on Noah's ark).

While it's hard to tell, because most of the ground is still very much white, the snow IS slowly but surely melting . . .I suppose the slowness is a good thing, otherwise we'd have major flooding concerns, but it'll sure be nice when the kids can play outside again.

And that's pretty much been our week . . . we've been doing abit of spring cleaning and organizing, and just generally enjoying abit of calmness while we can grab it :)

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