Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up - March 24

Busy week! (without pictures . . .)  We were at Mama and Papa's.  Sunday morning we spent with friends. They'd just gotten a new puppy, so she was the star of the morning :)

Sunday afternoon we were planning to go to Costco, but I had a headache, so stayed home to sleep it off while my parents and the girls went.  Just before they got home, I got a call from Rodney, he was working about an hour away and realized he'd left his wallet at home (and needed gas to get home). So I went and met him halfway to give him cash and while we were in the same place, with no kids, we went out for supper too :) It was nice to have a date! As we left the restaurant, it was starting to snow, sigh . . . so we both headed out. Rodney said the snow stopped as he crossed over into PA, but it followed me all the way back to my parents' house and continued to snow off and on the rest of the evening. We woke up to solid white, though very little on the roads.

Monday evening was the main reason we'd chosen that weekend to go to my parents' house. My former co-worker was working nearby that week, so he came over for supper that evening. He grew up with my husband, he and I went to high school together, and then we shared an office for the years that we worked together as auditors. It had been 2 or 3 years since we'd seen him, so it was good to catch up.

Tuesday we headed home.

Wednesday we went to a birthday party at Ballocity. Always a great way to burn tons of energy :) And we arrived home to find Ashlyn's much anticipated review product (Artistic Pursuits) waiting on the porch. She did the first lesson that afternoon!

Thursday was music lessons, and beginning to catch our breath LOL.

Friday and Sabbath were amazingly wonderfully gorgeous spring weather, we spent lots of time playing outside ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

And that was our week :)

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