Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up for the Week of November 23

Whew! It was a busy (and CRAZY WEATHER) Thanksgiving week. The girls and I spent the week at my parents' house.

Monday's weather was AMAZING. We spent as much time as possible outside.

Tuesday we spent the day with friends. Again, lots of outside time soaking up the weather. And, oddly enough (considering how much I dislike chickens) playing with chickens. And ducks. And turkeys. And guinea fowl. But mostly the chickens because they're the friendliest, I guess. 

 Tuesday evening Rodney joined us at my parents house, just in time for the weather to do an abrupt about face and went from gorgeous and warm(ish) to snow and sleet and . . . wow I'm glad none of us have to go anywhere, today!

We ordered new tablets for the big girls because we found a good deal and Ashlyn's iPod had died, leading to her borrowing my tablet and discovering how superior Android is to Apple. Much to their excitement, the tablets, that we expected to arrive while we were gone, arrived before Daddy left home, so he brought them with him.

 I had to laugh at the sight that greeted me the next morning, Daddy and his girls, playing on their devices :)

The girls spent a large part of Wednesday making Thanksgiving decorations.

They made enough pinecone turkeys to have one at each place for Thanksgiving dinner.

And they made construction paper pumpkins.

Needless to say, Lexie has been doing lots of practicing with her new size of violin, and I finally remembered to snap a picture of her practicing.
Thursday for Thanksgiving, My dad and the big girls went to pick my grandmother up from the Assisted Living Center while Rodney went and picked up his mom and her house. His sister and her husband stopped by for awhile too. 

I showed Lexie a picture of a Turkey Veggie Tray that I saw online, and she decided she could do that, or better, and set to work.

The finished product:

My brother and his girlfriend came to dinner too. And after he went through line, the turkey veggie tray looked abit different. It gave Lexie some good insight into what it's like to have a brother LOL.

Thursday evening was quieter than usual, with Rodney was taking his mom home and my Dad and the big girls were taking Grandma back, so it was just Lina, Mama and me.

Friday afternoon friends came over and we made homemade pizza. After it was too late to make for Thanksgiving Dinner, I had seen ANOTHER picture online of a turkey made out of rice krispy treats and M&Ms, so that was Lexie and Ashlyn's Friday project, to have for dessert after pizza.

The lighting is horrible but it's proof that once in awhile Lexie and Ashyn actually work together happily on a project.

Once the turkey was all shaped, Little Bit got to "stuff" the turkey with M&Ms.

 And, after we'd all stuffed ourselves with tons of yummy homemade pizza, we dug into our turkey, didn't it turn out great?

And that was our Thanksgiving.

Saturday morning Rodney and I headed home, leaving the girls to be well-spoiled by the grandparents for a few days, so I can't tell you much about their Saturday. I hear they spent the afternoon earning their Junior Ranger badges at Catoctin National Park, and looking at Christmas lights.

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