Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - The Week of December 7

Whew! Life's been hectic this month! Let me see if I can re-cap.  I'm going to go ahead and break things out by week, like normal, despite being a full week late, posting this one, so that the post isn't too horrendously long!

One of our the girls' big projects this week was baking 10 dozen (ish) cookies! My only contribution was making sure they were using recipes that I knew worked, and had all the needed ingredients (and a large part of the clean-up). They did all the actual baking! At church the previous Sabbath the pastor had asked people to bring cookies to pass out downtown on the 13th. Lexie was happy to volunteer and got a package of 40 bags to fill (each bag got 2 cookies, the rest that they baked went in the freezer for Christmas). The girls made snickerdoodles and chocolate, candycane, cookies, and put one of each in the bags.

Sight and Sound:
One of this year's Hanukkah gifts for all 3 girls, was to go see Moses at Sight and Sound. Originally we planned to give them the promise that we'd go see it sometime in January, but then a friend sent me a coupon code for 50% off the price of weekday tickets if we bought our tickets by a certain date, and went to a show in early December, so we went ahead and bought the tickets, and the girls got their gift a week early :)

Little Bit didn't really remember going to see Noah last year, so it was a new experience, all over again, for her. A lovely advantage, in addition to the discounted price, of going on a weekday in December, was that the theater was almost empty! Despite only buying the tickets a week ahead of the show, we were able to sit in our favorite section (middle, about 5 rows back), and there was nobody right beside us. If there was anyone ahead of us they weren't tall enough to block our views, even the kids'.  The one thing I didn't think through well, was that we went to an 11:00 show, which meant we were all STARVING by the time we left, around 1:30. I noticed a group near us eating sandwiches during intermission. If we decide to go to an 11:00 show in the future, I'll look into doing that (I assume, since they sell food in the theater, that food's allowed, but will need to confirm that OUTSIDE food can be brought in). It worked out ok though, because we were already planning to stop at Costco before heading home. DH took the girls to get pizza as soon as we got to Costco, and I did my shopping (without "help", woo-hoo!) while they got the pizza and started eating.

We headed home just in time to beat the beginnings of snow flurries.

The next day we woke up to snow. It snowed ALL DAY!! At the time that we would have needed to leave for music lessons, the road was snow covered and it was still coming down hard, so I contacted the girls' music teacher and arranged to shift their lessons to Friday. However, while it continued to snow, it also warmed up, so by late morning, the snow that HAD stuck, was completely melted, and never did accumulate enough to be real snow. That evening, I met some friends for dinner out. While WE didn't have any snow, people 5 minutes away DID, and people half an hour got several inches! So obviously elevation and such had a huge impact on how the weather played out that day.

Friday was more hectic than usual, with music lessons added into the mix.

Sabbath was "Jeans Sabbath". After church, we ate at the church and then a large group of us headed downtown where we passed out hot chocolate, cookies, clothes, and balloon animals. It's always nice to see people made happy by our little gifts.

So ended that week . . . and we took a deep breath before diving into another busy week!

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