Thursday, September 25, 2008

Accessorizing . . .

Yes, I realize I haven't posted in forever, we made an impromptu trip to my parents' last weekend and somehow it put me behind in general.

But just had to share (and I SHOULD find the camera & take a picture, maybe later). Last week we got out all the winter clothes so this morning A came out dressed in a denim shirt, brown corderoy skirt, and the beaded "South Dakota" belt that Mama & Papa brought her from their trip (it looks much better w/ this ensemble than it did over a purple knit playdress as it was worn the day she got it LOL) . Absolutely ADORABLE!! And THEN, I think after Daddy commented that she looked like a cowgirl, she went and found a cowboy hat in the dress-up box and added that as well! Actually very cute, and I was just tickled at how well she'd pulled together a whole "look" :)

L, on the other hand was over-the-moon to find her "favorite dress" in the winter clothes (orange striped playdress that she wore as much as possible last winter too, not sure what makes it so much better than her (same brand) s-sleeve playdresses. She has 2 of this same dress (because I bought on for each of the girls, but A never wears "hers") so as long as I do laundry daily (which I normally do), she gets to wear it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! LOL.

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