Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I've been bad about menu planning and worse about posting when I DO plan (and not so good about following the plan either. But I DID at least plan menus for this week. Or course, I've already deviated, because I was looking for something else in the freezer & noticed half a bag of cheese ravioli that's been in there forever, so we had that for lunch instead of sandwiches. I've been craving perogies recently (not sure why, or what even made me think of them again), not much nutritional value to white flour dumpling dough full of mashed potatoes & cheese, but they're yummy & when I stopped at the grocery store yesterday they had them on sale, so I indulged, we'll see what the girls think of them tonight LOL (and yes, apparently today is a day of white flour dough w/ cheese/starch inside it LOL).

Last night we made pizza pockets using this recipe, that I've been meaning to try for awhile. To make it economical/healthy I really need to get back to making my own butter & yogurt, but it tasted good. DH doesn't like tomato sauce so I left the sauce out of the pockets & the girls & I just dipped ours in sauce on our plates, seemed to work fine. DH dipped his in a mixture of sour cream & hot sauce (shudder). So we just put shredded cheese & black olives in ours. I may try it w/ broccoli sometime too, think that would work well and add some nutrition (and everyone in our family likes broccoli). I threw a few in the freezer to make sure we like them fine frozen & then baked (can't imagine why we wouldn't but you never know), and once we confirm that, I'm hoping to either make a huge batch for the freezer or make them w/ some regularity & make extras for the freezer each time, so that we have a good stash in the freezer to use post-baby. I'm thinking it will be an easy thing for whoever has time to fix for anyone who gets hungry WHILE I'm in labor too. I'm quite certain anyone other than my 5 yr olds, who will be here while I'm in labor will be capapble of laying frozen pockets on a baking stone & putting them in the oven for half an hour, and then opening a jar of spaghetti sauce to go w/ them. (the 5 yr olds could do it if not for the risk of being burned).

So, after all there, here's our menu for this week. Dh is going to be gone on Fri, so we're going to try our hand at making copycat olive garden minestrone soup. The girls LOVE it at Olive Garden, so we'll see how we do w/ the homemade version.

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