Monday, September 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Finally at least a somewhat quiet week . . . we have orientation at the birth center Tues night, so I'm not sure if we'll eat and then go over or meet dh somewhere for supper first or what . . . but the crockpot pintos are easy enough to save for Wed if we don't eat them Tues night. My parents are coming sometime at the end of the week/weekend, so I'm just going to play that by ear depending on when they come and what we do and such, hence the lack of planning at the end of the week. I've got several new recipes scheduled for this week, we'll see how much of them I actually do LOL.

Of course, dh decided to make us a big breakfast this morning, so I think today will be mostly a 2 meal day, with a substantial snack for the kids mid-afternoon, so I'll either shift the zucchini crab cakes to tomorrow's lunch or skip them (but I do have yellow squash/zucchini that I need to use).

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