Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pizza Hut's Book-It Program

Pizza Hut started their Book-It program way back when I was in school & I was THRILLED! I was a total bookworm, I have no recollection of what our school's reading requirements were to get the monthly certificate but I know they were laughable compared to the reading I did just for the fun of it, so basically it was free pizza for me :) And now, my kids can be a part of it too!!! This is primarily a head's up for any other homeschool moms who may not know this, but homeschool kids are eligible for the book-it program as well. Just go here and sign up your homeschool and they'll send out the packet. I just signed up today, so not sure what all the packet includes but anything that encourages reading and results in free pizza sounds good to me LOL.

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