Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perpetually Playing Catch-up

The rest of VBS went well. The girls wanted me THERE but only with them for the first part, the rest of the time Little Bit & I hung out in the hall.

The first part of last week was just recovering from VBS LOL (I really wish they would SLEEP IN when they stay up later than usual, sigh . . .), then my parents got here Wed. night and life got busy again (more on that in a separate post) LOL.

We HAVE been managing to do some school. We're continuing to enjoy Polished Cornerstones. And we're currently reading Little House books both during school time and at bedtime. We're most of the way through Little Town on the Prairie, then we need to read These Happy Golden Years and then once we've finished that one I'll order the first couple weeks' books from the library and we'll start our school year using Prairie Primer.

Little Bit continues to grow LOL. She CAN sit quite well, though she generally works at doing a controlled "nose dive" anytime I sit her up. She generally prefers to be on her tummy, so she can work at trying to crawl. She can lift her front half up, or her back half up, but hasn't put the 2 together yet, once she does, I think she'll be "off and running" (or crawling). As it is, she does scootch around abit, but doesn't really have much control in where she's going.

We're also doing better with the Elimination Communication. It varies, she generally stays dry when we're out running errands (I offer the potty before/after each stop, so I'm offering often). At home if she's happy on her playmat or her sisters are playing with her, I'm more likely to not think to offer the potty as often. But at the very least she's not sitting in a wet diaper for long/often.

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