Monday, October 11, 2010

Computers and Homeschooling

Currclick, one of my favorite sites for unit studies (and freebies!!! Gotta love a weekly freebie!) now has a blog!  And to kick off their blog, during "Computer Learning Month"  what better than a blog hop and giveaway!

Their question is  how do you use computers in homeschooling.  I've talked about this quite abit recently, since I just finished reviewing Lanschool AND Read, Write, Type.

But I wanted to recap abit of how we are using computers for homeschooling right now.

I keep our lesson plans on my computer, using Homeschool Skedtracker

I download freebies whenever I can, from Currclick, Homeschool Freebie of the Day, Blue Behemoth, and others.  I keep these filed on my computer by subject, so that if we want to do a unit study on a specific topic, I can check and see if we already have a unit study, or other study materials on that topic (often, I do).

I LOVE our library's website as well. From my computer, I can search the county-wide library for books we need, reserve them online, and receive an e-mail when the books are ready to pick up at our local library. The e-mails reminding me when books are due, come in handy as well, hee hee.

While we didn't do any formal "school" on the computer prior to the Read, Write Type, from the time they were toddlers, they have enjoyed the computer for learning games on CD or sites like,, starfall, and others.

And those are just a few of the ways that we use computers in our homeschool.

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