Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tag, it's not just for kids anymore

Blossom at North Laurel Home & School  tagged me in a game of online tag.  Basically each "tagger" tags 8 "tagg-ees" and asks them to ask 8 questions. Blossom's questions (and my answers) are:

  1. Do you prefer breakfast, lunch, or dinner? I've never really thought about it, then again, I've also been known to eat pizza for breakfast and eggs & (vegetarian) bacon for supper, so I just think of the different meals as referring to the time of day that they're eaten.
  2. What do you like the most about your house? I love our house!! I love that it's set in the middle of a huge piece of undeveloped land, we have a pond, a creek, woods, meadows, and very few neighbors . . . and I love the neighbors we do have! Inside our house, I love the wide (approx 18") windowsills (and the way those thick walls insulate the main level), I love all the hooks and shelves added into every possible space for extra storage, and I love thinking about all that these walls have "seen" (the oldest part of the house is over 200 yrs old!). 
  3. Do you have allergies and if so, how do you cope with it? Nope, no allergies here.
  4. What is your favorite subject to teach in your homeschool? Why? I love teaching all subjects, perhaps because we are delight-directed, so we don't focus so much on what "subject" it is, and we just all enjoy learning together. I love learning right along with my girls, I think I'm learning more even as young as they are, then I did in all of my formal schooling, it's great!
  5. What is your favorite meal time memory? When I was a kid, for whatever reason we rarely spent Thanksgiving with extended family, and another family that we were friends with was the same way, so our 2 families often got together for Thanksgiving. We were (are) all vegetarian so didn't have a "traditional" meal, and at least once or twice we made homemade pizza for Thanksgiving dinner. Thinking back, it probably really was only once or twice, but all of us kids always think of pizza together when we think of Thanksgiving dinner now.
  6. Do you homeschool for religious reasons? Yes and no. I believe it is God's will that we homeschool. Public school would be an absolute last resort for us. However, our church has a church school and I love the teachers that I know there, so there is another option that would provide an education generally in keeping with our religious views. That said, one of the reasons we homeschool is because I feel strongly that character building and such must be a major focus of our children's education. We have more leeway, in homeschooling, to emphasize our relationships with God and others, in our education. We spent the past school year studying Proverbs 31 for our Bible class, that would be difficult to do in a classroom. I also have learned that the overall "education model" used in both public and private schools in this country (and most of the western world) is modeled after the pagan influences of the Greeks & Romans, I like being able to model our methods more after the Hebrew methods handed down by God. So, religion is a key element in what we do and why we do it.
  7. If you could take only one homeschooling magazine with you to an appointment where you had to wait for an hour to be seen, which one would you take? Why? I agree with Blossom that both The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Home School Enrichment Magazine are great magazines, if I could only take one, I'd probably choose TOS over HSE just because TOS is generally a thicker magazine and I'm a fast reader LOL.
  8. Like the last question but a magazine that isn't homeschooling? Why? I'm not much for magazines in general, homeschooling ones are really the only ones I get. In general, if I'm going to have to potentially wait, I bring a book (and now that I have an android smartphone, I have Kindle on it, so I always have a book that way). Books I'm reading at the moment include: Homeschooling for Eternity, The Joyful Homeschooler, and The Untold Story of the New Testament Church (this one is IDEAL on Kindle, because it has you flip back and forth between the book and the Bible, so since I have a Bible on my phone too, I can do so wherever I am).

And now I get to come up with 8 questions and tag 8 other people, but I'm realizing I don't know that many bloggers, so I'm going to tag 4 people, and if you're not tagged & want to participate anyway, go for it, and leave me a comment letting me know (or don't, but it's fun to read people's answers), so here goes . . .

I'll tag: 

And now my questions (and my answers)

1. What is your favorite Bible verse?  One of my favorites is Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

2. How did you meet your husband or wife? We met through mutual friends at our academy (high school)'s alumni weekend, when I was a student and he was in college.

3. What's one of your pet peeves? One of mine is when people use the wrong form of there/their/they're or to/too/two.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Close to family, way out in the country.

5. What's one feature your "dream house" would have? I'd love to have a "bonus room" (over the garage or something), that has an easy to clean floor, lots of counter space &/or several folding tables), a kitchen . . . a place to do all kinds of  messy projects, experiments, etc.  I'd also like to have a very open plan main level except for a large "library" with shelving for LOTS of books, and also things like the printer & copier, and a table in the middle to spread out school work, and close the door on it if company comes over.

6. If you could hire a cook, nanny or cleaning person, which would you choose?  Cleaning, as long as that included cleaning up the clutter, and cleaning up the kitchen after meals, I don't mind cooking if I don't have to clean-up LOL.

7. What has your favorite vacation been? We went to Maui on our honeymoon and LOVED it, and would love to go back!

8. Where would you like to go on vacation that you've never been? I'd love to tour Europe's castles and all the history that is so much older there than anything we have in the US. 

Enjoy! Can't wait to learn more about everyone else!


Blossom said...

Wasn't that fun? :) I thought so... thanks for taking the time to play tag with us :)

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

It took me a while, but I finally answered the questions and added my own. That was fun.