Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - October 23

Is it really almost the end of October?  Didn't October just START? Sigh  . . .  where does time go?

Anyway . . . this was a busy, but not especially newsworthy, week. Daddy was travelling for work all week (he invited us along, but since the girls & I leave Monday for Florida with my parents, we figured we better stay home this week and get ready for that trip), and us holding down the fort here at home.

In addition to the normal packing and making sure we're caught up on laundry & such that comes before every trip, we also made some granola bars & whole wheat vanilla wafers to take along on our trip (I had hopes of making more then that, but it didn't happen, oh well. .  .).

Interestingly, when I told the big girls that space would be a premium and they could each bring a small tote bag of toys, A1 opted to bring an even SMALLER than specified tote bag & only put the current series of books she's reading and her mp3 player in it. A2 did fill the specified tote bag but I think it mainly has a doll (in case Little Bit needs it . . . though A2 still likes dolls too) in it. I am bringing along some other surprises for them in the car but they don't know that LOL.

Another thing we did this week was to make a "cat house" for the girls' cats. This summer I gave up on litter training them and they became outdoor cats instead (the plan all along was for them to be at least partially outdoor cats, the lack of litter-learning just made it more absolute LOL), so now, as it's getting colder, I wanted them to have someplace outside that was warm(er). So we took a big box & taped the flaps to create a house just big enough for the cat bed we got awhile back. We put it on the (covered) porch where it shouldn't get wet when it rains. The cats were in it the next time I went outside, so apparently they figured out it's purpose LOL.

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Tristan said...

We need to make a cat house for winter too. Last winter we had lots of other animals trying to live there (raccoons, skunk, possum) and so all the animals kept spraying to mark territory. Ugh. Not sure what we'll do about it this year yet.