Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - October 17

Another week at home, woo-hoo!! I could get used to this LOL.  . . even A2 has commented that we're travelling TOO MUCH . . . really hoping that we can start out the new year with some non-traveling for awhile!

Little Bit has also used this non-travel-time to take huge strides forward in potty training! She's now diaperless (nakey butt) all the time during the day at home, and we only had one accident all week. She's much less consistent when out though. It's a combination, she has a diaper on, so both she & I are less worried about misses . . . (A2 was like this too, perfect when nakey butt, but then when we tried panties, she had to "re-learn" that even though she was wearing something, she STILL needed to tell me every time, A1 was less consistent when nakey butt, but then once she figured it out, didn't seem to matter if she was nakey butt or wearing underwear). Also she can't do it herself, she has to tell me, both because of having clothes & a diaper on and because we're not at home so she doesn't know where the potty is &/or can't use it alone (we use the Potette Plus as a seat reducer when we're in stores or at other people's houses, I love how sturdy it is, but obviously she's not tall enough to get up on the toilet by herself.  Also, she thinks toilet paper is great fun and it's so nice and accessible when you're sitting on the big toilet, so I think she gets distracted playing w/ the toilet paper and "forgets" to actually GO potty (since there've been a few times when she's told me she needs to go potty, not done anything on the potty, and then gone in her diaper a few minutes later).  But we're working on it. . . just having her diaper-free at home greatly reduces how many diapers we go through, and when we're out she doesn't try to take her diaper off, so that, my main reason for "encouraging" the potty training at home, is a non-issue at this point.  Still, not sure what our FL trip (starting next week) will do to all of this . . .

This week was my monthly book club, but Rodney was scheduled to attend a board meeting (for a client) that night, so checked with a co-worker, Starla (she helps at VBS every year so the girls know her from that and adore her), and she agreed to come watch them. They were excited (their first non-family babysitter, well actually, now that I think about it, when they were 3, a friend's baby was in NICU and I really wanted to go see her (she was still in the hospital from her c-section) and see for myself how they were doing (had been getting updates from her husband, but still . . .) so a mutual friend, took the girls for a couple hours while I went to the hospital. She'd planned to leave her own boys (about the same age as my girls) at her mom's and go shopping, but the girls balked at staying with her mom (even though they knew her from church, they didn't know her as well as Angie) so she left her boys at her mom's and took the girls shopping with her instead LOL.). I'm not sure what all they did,  they were playing monopoly when Little Bit & I got home, seemed to have had a good time.

We're keeping on with the same stuff for school. Nothing too momentous with it.

Friday Rodney had some errands to run, and had promised the big girls a "date" sometime to make up for not being around Tues. night (my book club night is typically their date nite), so he combined them and took the big girls with him for errands and then to Chuck E Cheese. He asked if Little Bit (and Mommy) could come to CEC too,  but they wanted it to be just Daddy time, so Little Bit & I ran our own errands and hung out together.

We're continuing to enjoy the playground on nice days (fall seems to be an ideal playground time, not too hot or too cold and with school in session, we generally have the place to ourselves for the most part).

Rodney was cleaning off an old laptop & found some of the old stuff off my "lost" website. The pictures are low resolution (because I'd resized them down for easy loading on the website, but still fun to see the old pictures.  Here are a couple of the twins when they were the age that Little Bit is now:

Also an excerpt from the "journal" I kept on that website from when the big girls were this age:

I'm not doing so well at regular updates these days am I? Life's just too busy. The girls' language is really exploding these days. We were cooking broccoli for supper the other night & as soon as Lexie saw it, she said "occoli!" she was very excited that we were having "occoli".
We got them a cheapy tent to play in (I'd figured we'd just to sheet tents over the table until I realized that both our tables are pedestal tables which doesn't leave much room for a tent underneath) & they are LOVING it! They take their toys in there, their snacks, play peek-a-boo out the door of it, etc.
We also got them a small table & chairs set and they like to have their snacks & color at their table.
Last Sunday we took them to the corn maze near our house (pictures aren't on my camera, I'll get them posted eventually). The girls had a blast! The actual corn maze got a bit long for them, although they had fun running down the paths for quite awhile. But then they got to slide, play on big tires imbedded in the ground, see all kinds of animals (since seeing the (very vocal) rooster, Lexie's been trying her hardest to tell me what a rooster says, it's abit complex for her though, hee hee) and playng in a giant sandbox. As we were leaving they had pumpkins for sale & the girls discovered that pumpkins make wonderful "chairs" so they went around sitting on all the pumpkins.
I need to get a picture of them in their new "learning tower" it's essentially a fancy stool, but gives them a way to be up high enough to see what I'm doing in the kitchen while still being safe. Took them all of about a day to learn to climb in & out of it, so now any time I'm in the kitchen they run & climb up on their tower & eat snacks or play while I cook or clean.
Yesterday was such a pretty sunny afternoon! Although chilly when the wind picked up, so we took the girls to the playground near our house and then just let them run on the walking path to burn off energy. They had a great time! And we got some cute pictures.

So that confirmed what I was remembering, that they were talking more at this age than Little Bit is, but on the other hand, other entries indicate that they were sliding down the slide on their tummies (feet first) rather than sitting up like Little Bit does, and sometime in Nov, I mention that they are just then learning to climb up onto kitchen chairs, which Little Bit has been doing for a LONG time! Though part of that might be a size-issue. At their 18 mo check-up (when they were 19 mo old (and umm . . . I still haven't made an appointment for Little Bit's 18 mo check-up, so guess we're going to keep with the 19 mo tradition LOL) they weighed 21 & 22 lbs respectively, which is about what Little Bit weighed at one year (not sure what she weighs now, but she's outgrowing clothes at a pretty good pace, so I'm thinking she's more in the 25 lb range). So it might just be that they weren't tall enough to get up on the chairs until this age, still, they were never as interested in climbing as Little Bit is, so that's a factor as well.

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