Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - October 30

Yes, this week's wrap-up is a day early (at least if I get it finished & posted it will be, otherwise, it will probably be quite late LOL).  I don't THINK we'll have internet access on the next part of our trip, so figured I'd update through now while I can . . .

The trip down was uneventful. Kids did fine. Nothing real exciting to report.

We spent the last 2 days going to Busch Gardens. Little Bit enjoyed seeing all the animals. The big girls loved it all.  Thurs. was HOT but the park was empty! Little Bit fell asleep in the stroller so while my dad stayed with her (he didn't want to get wet anyway so it worked well) the rest of us went on the River Rapids ride 3 or 4 times. We got soaked but it was great fun.  We went on both log flume type rides too. A2 tends to be hesitant about new things (understatement of the century), but was hot enough (we did the log flumes before the river rapids) to try the smaller log flume. And enjoyed it. But then she didn't want to go on the bigger one. We finally talked her into it & as we got off she said "can we go again" LOL.

Also in the "trying new things" category, the big girls went on their first upside down roller coaster. It looked like a good "starter" one for them, and A2, surprisingly enough had said she would "think about it" when we first saw it. So when we were back in that area we looked at it again. A1 said no way, but A2 was still thinking about it. Daddy upped the ante and offered $5 for going on the ride. That was all it took to get A2 on board. A1 was now upset because she didn't want to go, but didn't want to lose out on the $5, especially with sister getting it. My parents had gone to a music thing at that point so one of us was going to have to stay with Little Bit anyway. So I pointed out to A1 that since we could only go one-at-time anyway, she could wait until A2 & I came back and THEN decide once A2 told her what it was like.  A2 kept her eyes tightly closed through the first drop & the loop, but then loved it!! Once A1 saw that A2 had liked it, she was ready to go (and told me, as we stood in line, "if the loop isn't too scary on this one, then I want to go on THAT one (one with a 90 degree vertical drop (I'm not going on that thankyouverymuch!), drops don't bother me!) silly kid (she's not big enough for that one, so it's a non-issue at this point).

In other news this week, Little Bit's doing great with potty training in the midst of chaos.  I had NO idea what this trip would do to our progress. I brought plenty of cloth diapers, as well as some disposables, 2 portable potties . . . and figured we'd play it by ear.  On the trip down, naturally, she had wet diapers (and honestly, that's easier than having to stop for her to potty when we're on a long trip like that LOL). BUT she did generally go on the potty when we DID stop, so that was a huge step in the right direction (on shopping trips & such in the last month or 2, she's been more interested in whatever's around her in public restrooms, other people's bathrooms, or the car, than actually going potty). Another big step in the convenience dept, is she will sit on a big potty without the seat reducer (potette plus), I'm thrilled to not have to carry it with us everywhere. AND these past 2 days at Busch Gardens, she's had a wet diaper sometime during the morning at the park, then stayed dry the rest of the day, with me taking her with me when I went to the bathroom, or if she asked.  So, we've been having 1-2 wet diapers per day, not too shabby . . . and it means I brought WAY more cloth diapers than I needed since we'll have a washer & dryer in the time share this next week. I also discovered that for some reason, the flatfolds that I use in my flip diaper covers have been drying overnight when I rinse them out in the sink.  What's odd about that is, when she was a baby & we took a trip, I took flatfolds with the intention to wash them in the sink & let them hang dry overnight, and on that trip, they took 2-3 days to dry (so didn't work out as I'd planned). This time, I had not intention to be able to hang them DRY, but, since I wasn't going to be doing laundry at all this first week, I wanted to rinse them out before putting them in the wet bag so that it didn't get stinky. First night in the hotel I rinsed that day's flatfolds &, just to reduce bulk/weight in the wet bag, hung them over a hanger overnight, figuring they'd be damp, but not sopping wet in the morning & I could throw them in the wet bag then. But in the morning they were DRY, so I re-used them . . . and have been doing that all week. So, instead of having a jam-packed wet bag of dirty diapers now, I have 3-4 in there & a whole bunch of CLeAN diapers in my suitcase LOL.

Today we head to the beach, then on to Orlando and a week of Sea World, Disney, etc . . . we should all be throughly exhausted by the time we make it back home!

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TN Quiltbug said...

Sounds like you are having fun! Hope the rest of your trip goes just as well, and that you have a bunch of wonderful family memories once you are back home again!