Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up Oct 3

How in the WORLD is it October already? Seriously? Where did this summer go?  Of course a very warm Sept. made October creep up on us all the more unnoticed . . . And now here we are, it's OCTOBER!! And it's starting to get chilly!

We had a nice week. I've already told you about my grandparents' anniversary celebration on Sunday.  We spent Monday at my parents' house. Went and got a bushel apples from a nearby orchard and relaxed after all the busyness. Tuesday we went with my parents to meet some friends for lunch at Chipotles (yum!) and then headed home.

Once we got home, it was a week of playing catch up (I think I finally got caught up on laundry TODAY). The girls have been loving having a big box of apples in the basement to snack on, so I'm putting off drying apples for the moment, while they have fun eating them, hee hee. Even Little Bit points to the basket on the counter and says "appa" (complete with the sign for apple).

The girls had asked me a week or 2 ago, what Halloween "celebrates" so I decided this would be a good year to learn a little bit of the history of Halloween. I was hoping to find a nice compact unit study/lapbook that gave an unbiased look at Halloween,  but I couldn't find one, so instead I got some books out of the library and we've been reading them together.

Little Bit is rapidly moving toward a point where I'll be able to say she's "potty trained at home" . . . she still doesn't always tell me she has to go potty when she's wearing a diaper (and often when she's wearing a diaper she will sign "potty" AFTER she's pooped (and doesn't bother to tell me at all that she's wet), but at home she's naked, and even without reminders she goes and uses her little potty when she needs to. So that's exciting.  I'm not sure how this will work when we start traveling again, just playing it by ear . . .

And that was pretty much our week :) Girls are enjoying playing outside while the weather's not too hot or too cold, and I'm enjoying just being HOME!

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Blossom said...

Pretty soon it'll be November. Doesn't that just blow your mind?? It does mine!
I tagged you in a game of get to know :)