Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Campmeeting Menu Planning

As I mentioned in my Campmeeting wrap-up post, one thing that I was thankful for was the easy menu I had planned that allowed for only cooking once a day. I thought in case it helped others, and also so I don't have to completely reinvent the wheel next year, I'd post what our menu was:

Breakfast cookies and fruit ended up being our main breakfast
I'd also made granola that Little Bit & I ate some days, but for some reason the big girls decided they didn't want granola.
The other breakfast that I planned/brought was Orange Julius. I made it ahead & froze it in jelly jars. The plan was to either let them thaw in the fridge overnight & run them through my miniature blender to get them back to normal constancy or to eat them straight from the freezer as a kind of "Italian ice" type thing. We tried thawing re-blending one day but for reasons that I didn't understand, the big girls didn't like that, I really have no idea why, they tasted just like fresh-made ones to me, but children can be weird. We ended up never trying it straight from the freezer because mornings were actually abit COLD so a frozen breakfast didn't appeal to us.

These were what I needed to be healthy, quick, and no-cook meals, and I'm soo glad I'd planned them that way!
Before we got there, I made Tabouli and my mom made pasta salad as our contributions to our church's potluck for Sabbath dinner. We then had the leftovers of those for lunch another day.
Taco salad - mom premade the dressing for me, and I mixed it all together at lunch time. We ended up having enough dressing (and other ingredients) a second day, at the girls' request.
Greek Salad
egg salad sandwiches

I did cook for these, but generally only needed one pot on the camp stove, so still low-cooking needs.
Potato Noodle Soup (we had this for supper the first night, so I pre-scrambled the eggs at home before we went), we ended up having enough to re-heat for a second meal
Haystacks (kind of build-your-own tostados with chips on the bottom instead of a tostado shell. I'd planned to use beans from the freezer, but when I pulled out the jar, it had cracked, not sure why I've frozen beans plenty of times in the past with no problem, so I just used canned beans. Heating them up was the only cooking involved. We also had dorito-type chips (the non-healthy part of the meal), shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced black olives, salsa)
Spinach Ricotta Pasta
I'd planned to pre-make Cheddar Ranch Burgers made with TVP and a couple eggs instead of the beef, and freeze them to re-heat on the griddle, but ran out of time, so instead we just got Morning Star Farm Grillers to have burgers one night.
We also went to taco bell a couple nights when I was too lazy busy to cook.

And finally snacks:
raw veggies and ranch dip
popcorn (the trust dept has free popcorn at campmeeting, on days that I managed to be around when they were popping it, I brought it back to the motorhome for a snack for the girls)
macadamia nut spread and crackers (we actually ate that once we got home,because the popcorn took priority while we were there!)

And that is the our campmeeting menu!

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