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Weekly Wrap-Up - June 12

We've had a busy week.

Last weekend, Daddy and Little Bit were sick, and over the course of the week, both big girls were sick at various times too. Mostly, just "colds", but Sassy did mix things up abit by throwing up one night, conveniently adding 2 extra loads of laundry (she managed to get it on her duvet cover, duvet, sheet, mattress pad, pillow case AND pillow, sigh) to a day when I already had a load that HAD to get done. Thankfully, it was a hot, sunny day so everything dried quickly on the line! And thankfully, she was feeling fine by the next morning.

So, all the sickies slowed things down as far as what I planned to accomplish this week, but oh well . . .

Our main goal this week was getting ready to go to Campmeeting on Friday. While we didn't accomplish EVERYTHING we'd hoped, we got the essentials done. And a stop by BB's (an Amish Overstock Grocery Store) conveniently provided whole grain, organic crackers and cookies to replace the ones I didn't get made, whew!

To keep things interesting, I decided last minute, to make sponge balls with the big girls. They had great fun making them, now we'll see if it's warm enough during campmeeting to USE them. If not, I'm sure we'll get plenty of use out of them at home before the summer's over.

I also happened across a Betty Luken Felt Quiet Book that I got, and started putting together, when the twins were little, but they showed no interest in felts of any sort, so I never bothered to finish putting it together. So . . . I found it this week, Little Bit seems more interested in felts, and I thought it might be a good option to keep her entertained at campmeeting, so I spent some time this week finishing putting it together, now to see if she likes it LOL.

Speaking of things Little Bit likes, all 3 girls have spent HOURS building with blocks this week! We have a big basket of blocks in the living room that is a combination of tree blocks (that my dad made for the girls), alphabet blocks, plain old blocks, and some wooden animals that a friend made for us when we were using a Waldorf Preschool curriculum, that used them. The big girls have ignored said blocks (which, admittedly were in an upstairs toy closet until Little Bit started showing an interest in building, but still) for YEARS, but now that Little Bit is loving them, AND loving knocking down towers, the big girls attempt to build elaborate towers and expect her to NOT knock it down until they're ready . . . it's giving us some opportunities for them to learn unselfishness (and LET her knock them down) and some opportunities for her to learn to listen, obey, etc. .  .

So, we spent the week catching/keeping up on laundry, doing some extra cooking and grocery shopping, packing, etc. And yesterday during Little Bit's nap we headed out to meet my parents, and their motorhome, at campmeeting. We didn't know we'd have the motorhome until last minute, so had to take one of the spots that was still available, and it's a rather tight squeeze . . . we'd hoped to have the motorhome, a screen tent, a small dome tent for the big girls to sleep in, and enough room to use a fire pit. But we had to settle for the motorhome and screen tent. The only time we might "need" the dome tent is if my parents end up staying in the motorhome the same time I'm there. If we do that, then the 2 big girls will either have to share the slightly wider than twin, "table bed" OR one of them will have to sleep on the floor (making it challenging to get through if anyone needs to use the bathroom in the night). But we'll deal with that if it happens. Most of the time, if my parents are here, they'll either stay in a hotel (somehow the whole "real bed", "real bathroom", hot shower, thing appeals to them LOL), OR I'll take advantage of them being here to bring Little Bit home for the night so WE get a night in a real bed (and real bathroom, and hot shower . . . ), so it should work out ok. And as much fun as a fire pit would be (and we did get one, so we'll have it at home after campmeeting to still have fun with, I've been wanting one forEVER, so I'm excited LOL), I was thinking the girls' evening meetings got out around 8:00, but they actually get out sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 (the schedule says 9:00, but the girls were back to the motorhome, after walking back from meeting, Fri night before 9:00, so must have gotten out more in the 8:30 range?) so it's pretty late to roast marshmallows or hotdogs AFTER meeting, and not as much fun to do it at like 6pm, when it's still light out and potentially hot/muggy. So, disappointing to not get to use it, but probably wouldn't have used it real often anyway, and we CAN use it once we're all home again :) . . . So, small spot, but oh well. The girls are beyond excited to be at campmeeting. And even exciting about the "camping" thing . . . Friday for supper, they took over the making of soup on the camp stove, served it up for everybody, and wanted to wash dishes, but it was time for their meeting, so mom rinsed the dishes and left them for the girls to wash the next day.

Our plans took a change, when my Grandma called Fri afternoon to tell Mom that Grandpa (turns 96 next week) had been working in the garden and fell and thought he had broken his leg. Grandma had called 911, and Mom called my brother to go be with Grandma at the hospital, and when it was all said and done, they determined that he had actually broken his hip, and was going into surgery to have it repaired on Sabbath. So, Mom and Dad went home first thing Sabbath morning.

We had some HUGE Thunder storms during the night Fri night. And I lay there dreading having to "wade" through heavy rain from the motorhome to Sabbath School the next morning, carrying Little Bit, and my "diaper-less bag" (don't have to carry diapers, but since it's abit of a hike from the campground area to the meetings area, I wanted to bring snacks and water for Little Bit, etc. Plus need a bag that can be carried while wearing Little Bit on my back, so pulled out my "babywearing bag" which is WAY bigger than I really need, but has the ability to be tied on over/around/under a baby carrier. It was still pouring when we woke up, which had it's advantages, the big girls woke up first and I could see they were talking, but couldn't hear them, so it didn't wake Little Bit up like often happens when they wake up before her. But by the time we finished breakfast, it had stopped raining, whew! We got ready, and hiked to Sabbath School, with a detour by our car (I didn't like the idea of parking my car in the very crowded woods where we're camping. It's hard to maneuver to turn around and get back out, you have to walk through weeds (including poison ivy in some areas) to get to/from the car if you park where the designated parking areas are, and I was nervous about getting stuck in the mud if it did rain. So, I opted to park in a paved lot abit farther from the motorhome. Longer walk, but easier driving in/out and getting in/out of the car and no chance of getting stuck in the mud.

So anyway, we went by the car to get umbrellas (there were some (my parents') in the motorhome, but I have a couple that fold down nice and small in my car, so for "chance of rain" having something small enough to throw in the diaper-less bag is nicer) and the Storchenwiege baby wrap (to carry Little Bit on my back. The picture of is MiniMe carrying baby Little Bit in a front carry in the same Storch), then headed to Sabbath School. The big girls had Sabbath School and Church in their tent, so I told them we'd see them at the picnic pavilion, where our church was having a potluck, after church.

Little Bit and I headed to her class. The program last year was fine, but not exciting enough for her to be worth disturbing her, at that time, nap schedule to go to meetings. But I think she's going to love the meetings this year, it's very similar to the Sabbath School programs I'm working with our church Cradle Roll leader to implement at our church, and I think once she's had a day or two to get used to the people and understand what to do when, she's going to absolutely LOVE it! We shall see . . . it will be a great "practice run" for the program we'll be starting after campmeeting at our church.

After Little Bit's class (only during "Sabbath School"), she and I headed back to meet Daddy at the motorhome (call me a wimp, but keeping a 2 yr old entertained and quiet in a huge un-airconditioned gymnasium full of people, while listening to a sermon just doesn't appeal . . . especially when I'm an extreme visual learner and struggle to listen/absorb/learn in a "public speaking" environment under the best of circumstances).  As we left Little Bit's class, the teacher's helper passed out bags to each child that contained a couple of coloring pages, small pack of crayons, and a ziplock bag of Cheerios. Little Bit was so excited about HER bag. When we got back to the motorhome, she happily sat at the table and colored her picture and ate her Cheerios (not my first choice, but a small bag's not gonna kill her, and she was so excited about it) while I finished up the salad I was making for potluck. She even stayed sitting happily while I went outside to get a couple things from the screen tent area.

We met the big girls at the Picnic Pavilion, waited for the adult church service to get out so everyone else was there and we could have our church potluck, but enjoyed visiting with friends and eating a yummy lunch.

After lunch, Little Bit and I headed home (it was already well past naptime, and I wanted her to sleep while I was driving home). And the big girls went to hang out in Daddy's meeting for a little while until it was time for their afternoon meeting. . . then more hanging out with Daddy until their evening meeting. And now (at almost 9pm) I'm hopeful that they're at least close to heading this way. Little Bit and I spent our afternoon hanging out, building with blocks and such, and the evening entertainment has involved laundry and making granola (now there's 2 pans full sitting in the turned-off oven, waiting for morning (love "overnight granola"!), when we'll put it in jars to take to campmeeting!

So that was our week! Please pray for Grandpa's healing! He had surgery today to have a plate and screws put in his hip, and Dad said he did great, and they're talking about having him on his feet tomorrow, so hopefully things will continue to go smoothly.

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