Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Week (that's not really a week) of Skirts

Raising Arrows  has been doing a series on wearing skirts/dresses, called She Wears Skirts. This week she's hosting a link-up to showcase how the rest of us wear skirts and dresses. The idea is to wear all skirts/dresses for a week and take a picture each day. But I'm not that organized, and I'm not a big fan of pictures of myself, so I thought I'd mix things up a little and share some pictures of my girls wearing skirts and dresses.  So, in no particular order:

Showing team spirit for Daddy for the Super Bowl. We found Steelers shirts at Goodwill and all 3 girls wore them with denim a-line skirts.

Of course, dresses are great for drinking tea. I've found these little cotton dresses to be WONDERFUL for Little Bit! When she was in diapers they provided easy access for diaper changes, and now that she's potty trained, they're easy for her to pull up by herself. And they just look comfy! 

Outside at Mama and Papa's! Sassy tends to prefer the just past the knee, flared skirts. MiniMe likes mid-calf to ankle length skirts (like me, she's not called "MiniMe" for nothing . . .)

Wading at a friend's creek. Another cotton dress for Little Bit, and one of my favorite summer combos, a broomstick skirt (with a cotton slip under it) and t-shirt. It was especially helpful that day since we were wading, light enough to dry quickly (I brought changes of clothes for the girls)

And here's the big girls playing in the creek in their skirts/dresses. If we'd known ahead of time we would have brought their swimsuits, but we were visiting my parents' house and went over to a friends' house and ended up down at the creek.

Skirts work for riding bikes as long as they're full enough to allow leg movement.

 I love this picture, skirts definitely work fine for running through fields of dandelions!

 You can even pull nails out of the boards on an old deck in skirts and dresses.

And mix cement to set the posts for the new elevated playhouse.

And pretty much everything else we do. The girls do wear snowpants to play in the snow (I get sweatpants from Goodwill for them to wear under them), But that's about it. I wish I had a picture of the girls in their swimsuits. We've used "rash guard" type suits (shirts and knee-length or capri-length shorts) for several years, but last summer the girls asked if they could have skirts for swimming too (I have a swim skirt and shirt that I love, they wanted to be like me). Their current swim pants are black with pink & purple (respecitvely) waistbands, and come to just below the knee). My mom got some black swimsuit fabric and sewed simple skirts to their existing pants (attached it below the waistbands. They turned out great (although something happened on a trip (that I wasn't on) last fall that completely DESTROYED their swim shirts (thankfully the next size up fit by this spring) and turned their (at that time pretty much brand new) swim skirts from black to a light silver (I'm not sure if the chemicals were WAY off in one of the pool or if suits didn't get rinsed out or some combination of the 2). But they still work fine and are a neutral enough color to work with the swim shirts they have this year.

For Little Bit I'd gotten some swim shirts & figured for the baby/toddler stage she could wear the shirt with a swim diaper. But last fall on clearance at Walmart or Target, I found a skirt with attached panty in an "atheltic mesh" fabric, for like $2, it's worked great as a swim skirt for her now that she's potty trained.

And that's a peek into our life in skirts.


lisa said...

beautiful pics...thanks for sharing! and i agree - you can do just about anything in a dress/skirt! :)


Canadagirl said...

It was fun to see how you and your dd's wear skirts and dresses. I loved the one of your dd drinking her tea, sweet.


Gail said...

Great pictures! I agree with Lisa, You have shown that you CAN do anything in a skirt! :)

Grateful for Grace said...

I just love how you shown an active life in skirts. It's so possible.

Your daughters are darling. I love the running through the dandelions photo. :)

It's fun seeing others who have been following the series.


~Heather said...

I absolutely love this post! Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your family in skirts. My husband doesn't believe that women should wear only skirts (but likes that I do...) He also doesn't think that skirts are good for little girls because they can get tripped up while playing. I disagree, but for now I am submitting and putting them in pants most of the time. It was a breath of fresh air seeing little girls in skirts and dresses. Thank you.

You can see my She Wear's Skirts post on my blog at:

Anonymous said...

It is always so encouraging to see other ladies wearing beautifully modest clothes.

I especially like your multicolored skirt, it reminded me of an Indian dress I had a long time ago.

Thank you for sharing...