Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - June 26

This was a week of  "recovering" from campmeeting LOL. We ran errands, did laundry, exciting stuff like that. . .

We DID go visit our neighbor, Miss Judy and the girls got to meet her new doggie, Millie. Millie (a yorkiepoo, I think) was rather overwhelmed by all the attention, but handled it relatively well, and of course we always enjoy visiting with Miss Judy.

When we were preparing for campmeeting, we got a firepit, in hopes of being able to use it while we were "camping" at campmeeting, but that didn't work out (the girls' busy schedule and the size of the campsites, both made it impractical). But, since I'd been wanting a firepit for here at home anyway, it wasn't a big deal. So we finally got to try out our firepit Friday night. We sent the girls out into the woods for wood, and got a nice fire going. The girls had a blast roasting hotdogs and marshmallows for supper. While collecting wood they also collected blackberries so we had them too. Not the healthiest supper in the world, but everyone had a good time, and it was yummy, so it's all good. We did determine that the retractable roasting forks from Target's $1 section are too flimsy to really work well, so will be investing in some better ones, which I suspected would be the case, but figured at $1 a piece they were worth a shot LOL.

One of the things the girls have been enjoying this summer has been their own version of making mud pies. They use dirt, and water from the creek - I need to get a picture of that, they each found a good sized stick (think "walking stick" size) and use 2 plastic buckets each, hung on each end of the stick, with the stick across the back of their necks, "just like they do in Africa" was their comment when I asked what they were doing.

So anyway, they're pretty proud of their creations. At first they decided they were opening a "store" but I finally convinced them to change it to a "mud creations museum" and let me just take pictures of them and their creations.

Yesterday we had a potluck picnic with other church members. The weather was PERFECT, not too hot, a lovely breeze, ahhhhhhh. . . we also had great fun watching a couple of squirrels who had figured out how to climb in & out of the trash cans (even though they have those flip lids), great entertainment. Sassy & MiniMe somehow coerced Mr. Tim into giving them piggy back rides and running races with them. Little Bit, not to be left out, ran back and forth with them, and then claimed Mr. Tim's back as her permanent piggy-back ride spot. At least she's abit lighter than her sisters LOL. Methinks Mr. Tim slept WELL last night after all that exercise, hee hee.

Our printer broke a couple months ago and we finally replaced it this week, woo-hoo!! I'm so excited to be able to start putting together my calendar/planner for 2011-2012, woo-hoo!! I had, and liked, a planner from this past year, but thanks to my handy dandy proclick binding machine, I decided to try making my own for this next year, we shall see . . . LOL.

You can see pictures from this summer, including campmeeting, here:
Summer 2011


Jennifer said...

The museum idea is creative, so is their "like they do in Africa" method. My son wanted to do a lemonade stand for a while, and we live at the end of a long driveway with rare traffic even on the road. My husband helped him set it up, though, when we had friends over for Memorial Day.

April said...

Hi! I just got a firepit for my birthday. If the temps will go below the 90's, I'm excited to really try it out. I think it'll be a fun addition to our fall evenings. Looks like everyone is having fun this summer! I remember making mud pies as a kid. Here in NC we have red clay - not good for mud pies. :-(

Have a great day!