Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - Campmeeting Edition

Ahhhh . . . we are HOME!!! The children LOVE campmeeting. Mommy isn't quite so fond of it all LOL.

We had a busy week.  The big girls' schedules were full, in a nutshell, their days went like this:

Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast
Go to "Family Worship"
Go to morning meeting
Back to the motorhome for lunch
Go to afternoon activities
Back to the motorhome for a snack, some downtime or any errands/extras we wanted to do that day
Eat supper, wash dishes
Go to evening meeting
Back to the motorhome to brush teeth, read SS lesson, and fall into bed an hour or more later than their at-home bedtime

So, they stayed busy.  Little Bit and I had abit less hectic a schedule. Little Bit's only meeting was in the morning. So our schedule was the same as the big girls in the morning, but when they went to their afternoon activities, we laid down for naptime. And when they went to their evening meeting we hung out with Daddy at the motorhome.

Some highlights of the week:

  • Thankfully it wasn't too hot ,that was SUCH a blessing! And more than made up for the rain we had a few times!
  • I'd planned menus to only have to cook in the evening, that was SUCH a blessing. We had quick, easy, light salads for lunches, perfect for the time we had!
  • The girls chose crafts and archery for their afternoon activities. They love crafts, so that was a no brainer. They seem to have loved the archery too. MiniMe didn't hit the target till the last day, and Sassy never did, but they had fun with it.
  • At the end of the week, MiniMe commented that she really liked the pastor's talks at Family Worship. I'm thinking that's pretty high praise LOL.
  • Soo thankful that I thought to make bug spray before we went to campmeeting, there were SO MANY ticks up there! The one day I forgot to spray us all with bug spray, I killed 3 ticks just that day!
  • The twins were excited to win the giveaway at Family Worship one day. They won a "Make a Prayer" book.
  • The theme of family worship was "Heaven". One day the big girls were chosen to be some of the children to go up front and answer the question of "who would you like to meet in Heaven?" Predictably, MiniMe chose Ruth and Sassy chose Esther, their respective favorite Bible characters.
  • Little Bit's class had a forest theme all week. In addition to learning lots of fun songs, she learned a few good lessons, like "stay back" from skunks, and don't touch bird eggs. And she had alot of fun with it all. Now her Sabbath School teacher at our local church wants to do a forest theme for Sabbath School, so I need to work on pulling that together for her LOL.
  • Little Bit has never been the "sling baby" that her older sisters were, and even with all the walking of campmeeting, she did an amazing amount of it right along side us, but she did learn to enjoy "bouncing on mommy's back" as well. I must admit, I loved getting to pull out my beloved Storchenwieg. It was fun too, because she used the opportunity to chatter in my ear whenever she rode on my back, so cute.
  • One day as we walked over to meetings, both of the big girls somehow managed to bump into or trip over Little Bit, knocking her over each time. The next time we all started to walk together, she said emphatically "Sissies, no knock me over!" 
  • The evening meeting for the children (age 7-14) was Ben Roy, the Science Guy. The girls were soo excited about this. They love his segment on 3ABN's  Kids Time. He did not disappoint, the girls LOVED his programs!
And those are some highlights from our week of campmeeting.

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