Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - January 15

Another week of nothing out of the ordinary (I was going to say normality but ummm . . . there's never been anything normal about me). I could get used to this. I'd rather NOT get used to the fact that dh has been having to work a ton extra lately, sigh . . . he tells me it should let up soon. I hope so! One night this week we dropped supper by the office for him since he was working late. The girls were excited to find, when we got there, that one of his co-workers had her dog at work with her. All 3 girls had a great time loving on Queenie, and Queenie gobbled up the attention. But then when it was time for us to go home, as we walked out the door and dh said "goodbye", Little Bit was HEARTBROKEN that Daddy wasn't coming home with us, poor baby :( The rest of that evening, any little bump she heard (and with umpteen cats residing on our porch there are lots of little bumps) she said "I think Daddy is home!" She was VERY excited when he finally DID come home!

I've been taking advantage of our time at home to do some decluttering of closets and such around here. It feels good to get some "junk" out of here. MiniMe (my pack rat extraordinaire)  is eyeing my Goodwill bags warily, fearing they have "treasures" in them, but it's not her stuff, regardless of her fears, and I think we'll all enjoy our snug little house better if we pare things down abit :)

We've had cold, but nice weather quite abit of the time. Little Bit loves to play outside with her big sisters, though some days it has to be short periods because it's cold!

In my decluttering I found a beanbag toss game that I'd gotten at a yardsale several years ago. So one of the too-cold-to-stay-outside-long days, I got it out. Had to laugh, I let Little Bit walk right up and drop her beanbags in but obviously the older girls stood back a ways. When Sassy missed the first time, Little Bit said "Here, let me help you. See you come closer, like this" as she picked up Sassy's beanbag and dropped it in a hole. It was SOOOO funny, she cracks me up! We threw in some math lessons with the beanbags and that lead to a discussion of division, in which we discovered that LockRobots work quite nicely as math manipulatives.

In history we've continued to focus on the American Revolution. We're thoroughly enjoying the Liberty's Kids DVDs. We're also enjoying listening to an audiobook of Johnny Tremain when we're in the car.   The girls are also enjoying reading a variety of books on the topic. We're hoping to spend a day visiting the historic sites in Philadelphia this week, we shall see . . .

MiniMe and Sassy are continuing to progress through a cursive handwriting ebook at their own paces. And Little Bit is enjoying learning about music through with Kinderbach.

We've had some challenges as we work through the We Choose Virtues curriculum for Bible (watch for my review of it coming later this week), some of the definitions of the virtues are hitting abit close to home, and both girls have areas where they don't like to admit they need to work on things, so we've had some frustrations, but we're working through them, and growing as a result. We're also thoroughly enjoying a Hebrew Roots Family Devotional for Proverbs that Evonne from Read Hebrew Today is working on, and letting me have a sneak peak and offer some suggestions.

So that's been some of our school this week.

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