Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catching Up

Whew! We've been BUSY!!! (and I don't especially LIKE to be this busy, I'm a stay home and just putter around the house kind of person LOL). Anyway . . . I'll attempt to recap the last week or so . . .

Homeschool - the PLAN was to at least do "school" the 2 days we were home last week, didn't happen . . .and being more realistic now, it's not gonna happen at all this week either, unless the girls happen to ask to do circle time LOL. We'll pick back up on the stuff scheduled for last week, next week.

Seeing old friends - we had a great time on Thurs & Fri catching up with old friends. Thurs afternoon we went to Kim's house, the girls had great fun playing w/ Hannah & Yeva, and practicing being big sister, by holding Ziva. Friday we went to our last Kindermusik class/party, and we hung out for awhile after class so the girls could play (& Laura & I could catch up). Then we headed over to Kristina's house where the girls played w/ Megan & Josh, and practiced big sistering some more by holding Owen.

Church - My parents were scheduled as greeters at church Sabbath, so the girls helped Mama pass out bulletins till it was time to go to Sabbath School. L declared it a "boring job" when there wasn't anyone coming LOL. They also took opportunity to let people know there was a baby in Mommy's tummy :)

Then Sabbath afternoon we loaded up and headed to Williamsburg (my parents, the girls & I). Our Sesame Place passes also work at Busch Gardens/Water Country USA so we figured we'd see how the girls do at a "big kid amusement park" LOL. The hotel we stayed in only had an outdoor pool, but when we got there at 8pm we at least walked down to check it out. It was too cold for my taste, but the girls decided they wanted to swim. There was a small "kiddie pool" (1 ft deep I think) and then the main pool started at 3ft and got deeper. I figured they'd just play in the kiddie pool since none of the adults were getting in, but we did take their water wings (that they'd never used) down for them to "try out" if they wanted. Next thing I knew, L had moved over into the 3ft water and was having a blast. She could stand, but could also jump up and float on the water wings. I did ask them to stay relatively close to the end since I wasn't sure if it sloped from 3ft to 5ft or if it was 3ft all the way to the rope, and I REALLY didn't want to have to go in in my clothes to pull them out if they got in over their head & panicked. A was slower to get into the 3ft, but once she did, she had a blast too.

We spent all day Sunday at Busch Gardens. There's only one roller coaster they're tall enough for (and only one other one I'd be willing to go on LOL) but they enjoyed it, and lots of other rides, both kiddie rides & big rides, and various shows, though some of the shows scared them abit. There's a wolf show where they show off the wolves they have (I'm guessing they are rescue animals, but don't remember them specifically saying, the eagles they have are all rescue animals and while we didn't make it to the pet managerie show, I'm pretty sure it's the same concept as the one at Sea World, which uses animal shelter animals) that was very interesting, and educational to boot LOL. And actually the Octoberfest show was traditional German dance, which is also cultural/educational . . . :) so our trip wasn't whole devoid of education LOL.

Monday we split between Busch Gardens (in the morning) and then went to Water Country USA in the afternoon. The lines were REALLY long so we didn't go on any water slides, but the girls LOVED the wave pool. There were life jackets so they put life jackets on and we hung out in the 4ft area which meant mom & I could stand but the girls couldn't, they thought it was great fun to ride the waves, and when the waves were turned off, then entertained themselves floating and "swimming" and such.

We got back to Mama & Papa's house last Mon. night. Tuesday morning after Mama & Papa went to work the girls & I went down to my grandparents' house and the girls had a blast "harvesting". We picked blackberries, raspberries, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, squash, and cantaloupe, and brought bags of yummy stuff home with us :) Grandpa has a "tomato tree" this year. A volunteer plant came up THROUGH the carpet remnants he'd put down to keep weeds down and is now over 10 ft tall!! The girls thought it was great fun to have to climb a ladder and pick a tomato LOL. A declared Grandpa's garden the "biggest garden EVER!" when I told her that Grandpa's garden was MUCH bigger when I was a kid than it is now (he's slowing down in his old age LOL) she looked at me in awe and said "how did you HARVEST it all?!?!"

And now we're home . . . whew! I'm exhausted LOL.


Anonymous said...

A tomato _tree_?

And thank you for the memories of Busch Gardens! I haven't been there since I was your kids' age myself. :)


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I'm like you, I don't like being too busy, I'm more of a putter-around gal too.