Sunday, August 31, 2008

The wrap-up of a week of UN-schooling LOL

This past week was a week of not even attempting anything educational . . . though the butterflies did all emerge and we watched them for a couple days and let them go yesterday. When they were taking awhile to leave the "pavilion" and I was tapping on the sides trying to encourage them out A said "maybe they're like me and don't like change, give them time . . . " :o) They did all eventually fly away. The girls were sad that we didn't ever actually see one come out of the chrysalis, so I told them we'd try again next year . . . depends how ambitious I'm feeling whether we'll go hunting our own caterpillars or just buy replacements LOL.

Beyond that, they learned their memory verse and were more willing to answer questions/participate in SS this week beyond saying their mv, I think at least partially because the one male teacher wasn't there, and they're still much more comfortable around women. They also remembered from 2 weeks ago that Miss Joyce had been able to tell them apart so they set out to "trick" her this week. She hadn't shared "her secret" so they were thinking of all the possible ways she might have figured out who was who. Their plan was for L to carry A's dolls into SS, but they ended up leaving the dolls in the car, which they decided would also work. And they traded shoes since L's current Sabbath shoes are pink & A's are plain black. Turns out she guessed right, but admitted it was a guess (she'd been using the ever-present, but suddenly absent, dolls to tell them apart, so if they'd remembered and L'd carried the dolls in they'd have succeeded).

They also got abit of a taste of life w/ a toddler on Friday when our friends David & Susan, along w/ their 2 yr old Daniel, came over. Daniel was fascinated by the girls and wanted to follow them everywhere. The girls were mostly ok w/ it, even opting to continue playing upstairs w/ Daniel (w/ Susan to supervise) rather than helping me wash potatoes & Daddy husk corn for dinner. But L declared it "exhausting" LOL. I think they'll be glad to find that their new sibling will start out as a "lump" and it'll be several months before the following big sister phase begins.

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