Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Week's Wrap-up

This past week was dominated by VBS. But besides that, we DID learn finger knitting. The girls still struggle with it, but can kind of sort of do it. I think we'll skip the other variations of it for now & probably re-visit finger knitting as prep work for real knitting in a couple years.

We also almost finished our second time through the Read-and-learn Bible. We'll finish it up today or tomorrow, depending how today goes. And then we're going to start a new series for worship/Bible this week.

A decided we needed a goose crossing sign on our driveway so she made one. For some reason she wrote "Hand GEESE" on it (???) The girls did a good job of sticking big stick into the ground, bracing it w/ stones, by the driveway & I used a thumbtack to stick the sign to it, but even before the first rain caused the paper to fall apart (which I'd warned them about), the wind blew hard enough to tear the paper off the tack. So, one of our projects for this week is to make a new sign on cardboard & cover it w/ packing tape so it doesn't fall apart in the rain.

With the hot weather, and my efforts to straighten up the basement, we were inspired to get out the slip-n-slide (I took pictures, need to download them). The girls had a blast, but managed to pop the inflatable part at the bottom, so we'll have to see if it's patch-able or if they'll just have to use it w/o that "bumper" at the bottom.

I also, again with the basement organizing, had them take their bikes up to the storage unit. Our driveway is a steep hill and there's really no flat space (except where we park, and that's barely the size of our 2 cars) at the bottom, so realistically any bike riding is going to have to be elsewhere. There's a flat (though the pavement is broken up so it's bumpy) area in front of the barn at the top of the hill near the storage unit where they can ride in circles, so they walked their bikes up the hill (while I drove a load of other stuff up to the storage unit) and they rode bikes in front of the barn while I unloaded the minivan. Then we parked the bikes in the storage unit which has the double benefit of getting them out of my way in the basement AND since any bike riding will happen up there anyway (in front of the barn, or there's a flat section of road that goes on beyond our house) it means they won't have to walk the bikes up/down the steep driveway when they want to ride.

So, not much "school" but lots of outside play and of course the crafts & such every night at VBS.

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