Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

We're really only eating at home two days this week (today & Wed), tomorrow the plan is to go to Sesame Place (that was the plan last week too, but it didn't happen, I think it actually will this week). And then the girls & I leave Thurs morning to spend the weekend at my parents'. So the menu for this week is pretty short. Tomorrow we'll take along "egg mcmuffins" to eat on the way down for breakfast, but then just go to Taco Bell for lunch and stop somewhere on our way home for supper. And while I'm gone dh gets to fend for himself LOL. Someone at work gave dh some pita bread that we need to use so I asked dh what he likes on pita bread (since he seemed to find it odd when I made the typical pita bread sandwich *I* knew as a kid, which has scrambled eggs, and cheese and lettuce & stuff in it, he ate it, just commented he'd never heard of such a thing before) and he said he likes "gyros". Now all of us but him are vegetarian so I'm not about to be cooking lamb, so we're going to see how he does using soy curls instead. But the other "key" ingredient is the Tzatziki sauce, so I'm going to try making it (using this recipe) and see what he thinks.

Other then that, I think things are pretty self explanatory:

See other menus for this week here.

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