Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun Family Times

Yesterday we went to Hershey's Chocolate World for the free tour. Close to a year ago the girls were watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight with me and Kate took her kids to the chocolate tour. The girls thought it looked like fun (I think the free chocolate at the end was the real draw LOL), and it's taken us this long to actually find time and DO it! We made a whole day out of it, going on the free tour, to the (not free LOL) 3-D movie (a cute, fun introduction to 3-D movies, probably not really worth the money, but the kids enjoyed it), eating lunch there, then going to a cool playground in Hershey that I'd heard about (Coco Palace) it's a very cool wood playground, though hard to keep track of the kids. I pretty much sat w/in site of the main entrance & caught glimpses of the kids off & on (but it wasn't super crowded and the girls are good about not wandering off or talking to strangers).

When we got home A wanted to "climb trees" and there's a tree near our storage building that has a low branch they can climb so, since dh had stuff in his van that needed to be put in the storage building anyway, we went up & unloaded the van while the girls climbed trees. By then it was supper time and then bedtime.

This afternoon we took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather (seriously, at 8pm I'm sitting on the porch and am COLD!!! It's been awesome!!! We can have the windows open all the time and it's even cool enough at night for me to sleep under the comforter (I sleep much better under the comforter!) and found a park with a good playground for them to play at while we sat in the shade, enjoyed the breeze, and watched them :)

Now they're playing outside and dh & I are sitting on the porch. It's been a fun, family, relaxing couple of days :)

I totally MEANT to take the camera w/ me yesterday & forgot, so no pictures of our fun family times :(

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