Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recipe: Crockpot Pinto Beans

One of the meals I decided to try this week was "Pintos and Cornbread", but I was planning to be gone most of the day so I went hunting for a crockpot version of pinto beans, and then tweaked it to make it vegetarian. Here's what I came up with:

16 oz dry pinto beans, picked over, soaked overnight, and drained
3 c water
1-2 Tbs baco bits
1 sm onion, chopped
1 Tbsp fresh, or 1 tsp dried oregano

Combine all in crockpot. Cook on high 3 hours, turn to low and cook the rest of the day. Season with salt to taste.

The verdict:
I made a point of calling these "pintos" not "beans" since the girls claim to not like beans. I served up each plate by putting a big serving of pintos on their plates, then topping them with shredded cheese and sour cream. And added a piece of cornbread on the plate as well. Everyone declared it a keeper. L said it was even better than Shepherd's Pie which is high praise from her at the moment. DH really liked the added flavor the baco bits gave it. The girls each ate 2 platefuls.

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