Monday, October 6, 2008

Gratituesday - Faith of a Child

Yesterday dh took the girls to his mom's house for the day. Since the church near her house has a big open field, perfect for shooting off rockets (as opposed to all the trees around us), they took their model rockets along to finally shoot them off. I'm alittle unsure of the specifics (having 2 excited 5 1/2 yr olds telling you about it is rather . . . confusing LOL) Well, when they shot A's rocket they somehow lost track of it & had NO IDEA where it came down. The girls prayed that Jesus would help them find it, and they started looking. Just when dh had said it was time to give up, the pastor & a neighbor came along. The pastor had been standing in another part of the property & thought he'd seen it come down (but hadn't known what it was until he came over to talk to dh, MIL and the girls), so they went and looked where he thought he'd seen it & sure enough, they found the rocket but not the parachute/top piece. Well today, the neighbor called MIL, he & his wife went for a walk today & the parachute/top piece literally blew right across their path. The girls are SOO EXCITED that Jesus answered their prayer! And honestly, that's what I'm most thankful for! That God cares enough to honor such small, inconsequential requests (the rocket was easily replaceable) and remind all of us of His love & the power of prayer!

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

How sweet! We're building a new model rocket because Mom used too large of an engine and it went a bit too far!