Sunday, October 5, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

First, we had some "keepers" in last week's menu.

The apple smoothies were declared "the best smoothie I've ever had" by A, she even asked if we could have them for her b-day (guessing she'll forget that in the next 6 months, but still . . .). Main change I made to the recipe was to use frozen peaches instead of the frozen banana (neither kid is a big fan of bananas so I didn't have any & I DID have peaches & figured from a color standpoint they would blend in well. I'm thinking I'll try freezing some apples (peel, slice, brush w/ lemon juice, lay on baking sheets till frozen, then bag) to be able to continue making these smoothies throughout the winter.

We also made the 1500's Bean Soup, primarily for "school" but obviously it was a meal as well. The girls each ate 2 bowlfuls for supper that night, and were excited to hear there was some leftover for lunch the next day & ate 2 1/2 bowls each for lunch (which finished it all up, they asked for MORE), dh wasn't overly thrilled with it, but w/ the girls liking it SO much we'll probably have it occasionally. I may try freezing some next time I make it, which would then make an easy lunch option this winter (dh comes home for lunch but often doesn't want to take time for me to fix him anything (and the time he gets here varies from noon to after 1:00 so it's hard to have something hot & ready when he gets home) and just eats cereal or something anyway, so having lunch options dh doesn't like isn't a big deal). So, it was a successful lesson (the girls asked about each ingredient as we put it in and wanted to know why Columbus would have had it on the ship & such) AND a successful meal (I used a vegetarian equivalent of chopped ham in place of the hamhock btw).

Ok, now on to this week. We're going to my parents' this weekend, hence the lack of recipes on Fri & Sat. We have a busy week planned, but A threw up on her way home from her grandmother's this evening so hopefully we don't all deal w/ a stomach bug this week, sigh . . . she seemed fine once she got home so who knows . . .

Other menus are here.

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