Friday, October 17, 2008

They're Constantly Changing

I'm amazed at how something the girls weren't interested in a few months ago can now hold their attention so completely. Last fall we got a couple Nest videos to take with us to watch in the car on a trip, the girls weren't interested in them (on that same trip, I also introduced them to Mary Poppins, they weren't interested in that either). We tried the Nest videos at various times during last winter, and then kind of set them aside since they continued to not be a hit. Then a month or so ago dh discovered that there's a TV station here that plays a whole bunch of religious kids programs on weekend mornings, so he set the DVR to record a bunch of them, including NEST videos. And the girls love the Nest videos! So I thought, perhaps they just didn't like the particular video we'd tried watching before. Tonight I went back into the DVR list & chose a NEST video for them to watch (and it doesn't tell me which one is which, so it was just whatever was recorded last weekend) and it's John the Baptist (the one we have, that they didn't like). They did mention, as it started, that they'd seen this one before & I asked if they wanted to watch a different one but they didn't reply, so I left it on. They're completely engrossed in it!! So I guess they just weren't old enough for it (or something) last winter. Along the same line, Mary Poppins is now one of their favorites and they watch it probably at least once a month on trips to & from the grandparents' houses.

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