Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It Takes So Little to Make Them Happy . ..

Today, being the first day of October, was also the first day of our Pizza Hut Book-It program. Being a great one to plan ahead, this morning I spent 30 seconds deciding what the reading requirement would be. I decided on them reading (either easy reading or quoting a book they've mostly memorized) at least 3 books per week (or a total of 12 per month), to earn their free pizza. Printed out a chart (gotta love dtlk charts & stuff!) and introduce the whole thing to the girls during "school time" they were OVER-THE-MOON!! We get our OWN pizza and we can choose our OWN topping on it?!?!?! OH the excitement!! And ummm . . . each kid has already read 3 books, I think we'll have no trouble making the 12/mo requirement LOL.

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