Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Week

We had a week of wrapping things up this past week. It was our last week of studying the solar system. I think we'll wait to add some more science until after the Holidays, and spend extra time on Holiday stuff between now & then.

We also finished the Really Reading Curriculum. I want to spend some more time reviewing some of the concepts, but we worked through the whole curriculum. We're doing review work now, and reading the easy reading books & continuing with the phonics worksheets.

And finally, we finished our study of Jamestown and moved on to Plymouth. One of the books I'd planned to use hasn't come in at the library yet, I'm HOPING it will come in sometime this week so we'll have it ready to use when we get back from our trip, if not, we may end up skipping it, we shall see . . . In the meantime we read another book, Three Young Pilgrims , and started Squanto. I was nervous, since Squanto was another chapter book, that it would be above the girls' head like the Jamestown one was, they got into Jamestown as we moved through it, but had trouble following it. But it's written at a younger level, and when I finished reading 2 chapters, L asked that I keep reading, so it was a hit. I'm hoping to read a bunch of it to them in the car on our trip, it should pass time driving and help us keep moving forward with the curriculum at the same time. We also started our first History Pocket book. When I first looked into this curriculum, the library system shows that they have all the History Pocket books, but when I tried to actually reserve one, it wouldn't let me, so apparently they're considered a reference book or somesuch at the library that actually has them. So we've skipped the History Pockets up to this point. I did want to try at least ONE though, and determined that the Plymouth one was used extensively & is geared for the younger kids, so I bought this one. I think it'll be a hit. We made the first pocket yesterday, and the girls thought it was great fun :)

I'd planned to take this next week off completely, since we're getting ready for our trip, but we have a good momentum going, so I think we'll try to go ahead & do Bible, Reading & History the first 2 or 3 days this week. But I reserve the right to change my mind if I start stressing about getting everything else done LOL.

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