Monday, October 13, 2008

Last Week's Wrap-Up

We had a productive week last week, stayed on track for "school", the girls are definitely picking up the reading, and after a slow start, are into the Jamestown book now (& we'll finish it today or tomorrow). We also figured out to fit a visit to Jamestown into our upcoming Disney trip (had planned to stop in Williamsburg for Busch Gardens anyway), and I think it will help alot for them to SEE what we just read about.

As already mentioned, we went apple picking, we also had a rather applesauce filled week, with making 2 small batches here at home (the apple corer/peeler/slicer is pretty cool!!) and then yesterday at my parents' house we made & canned 9 1/2 quarts (and the girls & I probably ate at least another pint while we were there LOL). I'm so excited to have those all sitting on my shelf for this winter :) I still have probably a bushel & a half of apples sitting in my basement too (some of the empires still, most of the staymens we picked, and then I got a half bushel of yorks (YUM!! My all-time favorite!!!) while we were at my parents. So will have to keep an eye on them & may make some more applesauce &/or dried apples &/or apple leather w/ some of those.

We were at my parents' this weekend and spent a good part of Friday at a pumpkin patch, corn maze, etc. near our old house. I'd taken the girls last year & we'd enjoyed it, but had gotten horribly lost in the corn maze, so we attempted it again this year with more adults along. We didn't get lost but it confirmed for me that it wasn't any great lack of directional ability on my part that got us lost last year, this year we did lots of one adult stay at a crossroads w/ the girls while the other 2 check out 2 of the options and then take our best guess, and even then we went in circles a few times. We had found 6 of the 10 clues when we came to a lookout tower & discovered that we were still about as far from the beginning as it's possible to get and it was approaching sundown, so rather than risk having to find our way out in the DARK we abandoned the maze & followed a straight line (through the rows of corn) to the hay wagon path that ran around the outside of the maze and followed it back to civilization LOL. Besides that the girls had a great time jumping on a huge moonbounce type pillow (they especially enjoyed it when Papa got out & jumped w/ them LOL), going down huge slides, seeing the farm animals (they had some itty bitty baby pigs that were ADORABLE!!!!), playing in a big bin of shelled corn, and racing rubber duckies down chutes that you pump water down. And of course the hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. L found a "peanut pumpkin" and was/is quite proud of it.

The girls amazed me with how well they did learning the Lord's Prayer this week. I wasn't 100% happy w/ either version of the song that I bought (but at $0.99 ea it wasn't a great loss & did help them learn it). Soon after we moved here we had a longish (nowhere near this long, but longer than most) memory verse & I found it odd (but assumed it was just a coinicidence) that L seemed to learn it faster than she does she shorter ones, but again this week, she had the Lord's Prayer down to needing one or two prompts by TUESDAY!! It is often Thursday before she can say the typial one line memory verses w/o hearing the whole thing first. I just don't get it! But by the end of the week both were saying it to my satisfaction to be able to tell Teacher Cindy next week that they said it.

Now we're home, ready to fit in our last week of school before our Disney trip (taking some time off either side of the trip to keep from stressing me out too much LOL). This week we have friends coming over this morning, books to pick up at the library, a new source for raw milk to find (the farm we've been going to put up a sign a week ago saying they were moving, sigh . . .), I'd really like to find some new shoes for Disney, but am beginning to resign myself to just wearing my crocs, they look less that lovely w/ skirts & dresses, but they're comfortable . . . still hoping to check a couple stores this week though. . . so it's a busy week. I also need to reserve videos from the library to take w/ us on the trip.

I'd planned to get corncobs from my parents' house to use to make corncob dolls this week, but realized halfway home last night, that I forgot, so we'll be skipping that in this week's school . . . and try to remember to bring the corncobs home after our disney trip.

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