Monday, December 8, 2008

And a Brief School Update

A's only got 2 or 3 stories left in the 3rd first grade reader (in the old SDA Dick & Jane series). Friday morning before we got to Mom & Dad's house, Mom went to the local SDA school & borrowed the last 2 first grade readers and some other random, even older, Dick & Jane first grade readers (wasn't the teacher there AWESOME to let us borrow them!!!). I'm SO thrilled to have found those last 2 so we can continue with our momentum.

For history this week I got the first of that Kaya books from the American Girl series. The curriculum had recommended reading Kaya (but I think just one about her lifestyle, etc. not the actual storybooks) way back near the beginning in the Native American series, but I opted to skip it then since we were just doing a quick overview of the Native American's at that point, and focusing on pre-European discovery time period. NOW we're to where Kaya falls chronologically, so we're slipping it in now. I read the first half of "Meet Kaya" today and the girls would have gladly listened to move. I told them any night that there's no need to do toy pick-up/room cleaning at bedtime, that'll give us time to read a chapter in Kaya, or whatever book we choose to read at that point, so hopefully that will encourage them to clean toys up as we go. Of course today's a kind of bad day to start that since they had me help them build a "tent" out of sheets in their room and are going to sleep in their tent tonight. they'd done a pretty good job of building their own blanket tent but were using a small blanket so it wasn't really a big enough tent for them to sleep in, so I helped them build a bigger one w/ a bigger sheet. So, it'll be hard to determine if their room is "clean" or not since we shifted everything around to make room for the tent.

Anyway, they're enjoying the Kaya books, and quickly agreed we need to get more from the library :)

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