Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Well, in an hour or so anyway . . . 2008 has been a year of change for us!! The only other year I can think of that could rival it is 1997 when I graduated from college, started my first full-time job, bought our first house, and got married. But this year's changes happened with less warning than 1997's.

2008 brought about a new career for dh, a new (old) house in a new state for us, and a new baby on the way. For A, especially (Miss "I Don't Like Change!"), this has been rather traumatic. She's handled it much better than I would have expected, though in times of stress, the fact that this has all been hard on her does come out.

All in all, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!In an economy where jobs are scarce, dh found a new job comparatively quickly. It is a relatively secure job. We were able to find a perfect-for-us house to rent well within our budget. I thank God every day for leading us to this house "in the country, but not" that I could never have dreamed of. We have thoroughly enjoyed having dh around more too, both because of shorter work hours and shorter commute time. For a very long time, the girls clung to dh, as if they couldn't quite believe he was really around so much, not wanting him to go back to work after lunch, or leave in the morning. Now, finally, they are realizing that this is our new normal. They still love having the Daddy time (and think it's the best thing EVAR when Daddy puts them to bed (Mommy thinks it's a pretty good deal too LOL)) but Daddy being around more is becoming less of a novelty. They are more likely to just call "bye Daddy" if they're in the midst of play when he's leaving for work, rather than dropping everything to come hug him & beg him to stay home. We are so thankful for this baby that's on the way. Listening to the girls anticipate teaching the baby new things, and relishing their new role as big sisters is great!

And so, as we close out this eventful, but wonderful year, I wish you all a Happy New Year!!

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Miss Jocelyn said...

Happy New Year's! :) May God bless you abundantly this year.

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Miss Jocelyn