Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After 60+ degree weather yesterday, today started with freezing rain that changed to snow around noon & snowed off & on the rest of the day (though not a ton of accumulation). The girls finally talked me into letting them go out late this afternoon and they're STILL out there. They made a snowman (convinced me to come help them assemble it) and spent awhile rolling down the hill (asked about sledding I really don't think there's enough snow (though it's coming down heavy again now, so tomorrow morning there might be) and when I went to check on them a few minutes ago they were just sitting on the ground leaning back on the hill (steep hill goes up from our patio) watching the snow fall in the dark, I guess (I did turn the porch light on for them when it started getting dark).

I must say sitting INSIDE and watching the big fluffy flakes come down all afternoon was quite nice, but I'm thrilled to live where I can send the kids out and not have to freeze out there WITH them the whole time :)

A few more pictures can be seen here. And I added a few to the Disney album as well (that I had forgotten were on my camera).

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