Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gratituesday - Imaginary Play

Yesterday A & L had a minor blow-up while playing upstairs. Once I got them both calmed down enough and talked to them both and sorted it all out, A had made a "tent" in their room by tying strings (from a lacing toy that I'm not sure they have ever used AS A LACING TOY but they have re-purposed the parts of it a thousand different ways LOL) from the dollhouse to the spring horse and draping a blanket over it and . . . I didn't quite figure it all out to be honest. Problem arose when L declared it too small for them to both sleep comfortably in (she was right) and A declared that if L didn't want to sleep in it she couldn't play in it . . . so, once I sorted it all out, I suggested that I help them make a bigger tent that WOULD have room for them to both sleep in it. They thought this was a great compromise (now to get them to come up with these compromises, or come to me for help with these compromises BEFORE WWIII breaks out every single time, sigh). So we did some room rearranging and got a queen size sheet instead of the small throw blanket A had been trying to use, and errected a big sheet tent under the loft in their room. They have spent HOURS, seriously, HOURS playing in that tent, both yesterday and today. It is amazing how much enjoyment 2 little girls can find in a SHEET!!! I am thankful for their imagination that allows them to play for so long with such simple things. I am thankful for our lifestyle that allows them to HAVE hours to play and just be kids!

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