Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Week in Review

We had a good week, the girls LOVE the Kaya books, and so we enter the world of American Girls . . . LOL.

They decided on their own this week to READ their copywork verse before copying it. Obviously they need help with some words (especially since the Jesse Tree devotions we're using right now are KJV) but they do VERY well overall. At this point, I think the big hurdle to still be crossed is speed. For A especially (since she tends more toward perfectionism). But both of them get "burned out" for lack of a better word because they read so slowly. We'll continue through the SDA Dick & Jane readers (did I mention that the AWESOME first grade (I think) teacher at the SDA school affiliated w/ my parents' church let us borrow the ones we didn't have?) and I reserve the right to change my mind, and move on into the 2nd grade books when the time comes (and hey, it occurs to me that it would be "new" reading for me, I never went through the SDA 2nd grade readers since I skipped 2nd grade LOL (and while, in retrospect, I'm guessing I was reading 2nd grade level readers in 1st grade (had gone thru all but the last of the 1st grade SDA readers in K), our reading group used a Reader's Digest series in first grade, not the SDA readers)) but anyway . . . at this point, I'm thinking by the time we get through these last 2 first grade readers (L's on the last story (I think, close to it anyway) of the 3rd book, A's already into the 4th book (there are 5 books total), we'll just scour the library for short, but interesting books for them to read. . .

Yesterday the girls enjoyed a day at Grandmom's and I took advantage of having dh's carseat free car and took our recycling in (it was TAKING OVER our house LOL) I had great intentions of also getting a bunch of stuff moved up to the storage building (we have a good-sized pile to take up there, but this time it's mostly lightweight stuff that I can handle on my own, but again, the carseat-free vehicle is very helpful) but I realized AFTER dh & the girls left, that I hadn't gotten the key to the storage room off my keyring (that dh took, since he was driving my car). I did get some of the stuff loaded into dh's car though, so it'll be ready to take up tomorrow.

Today we went to an area nursing home with the girls' Sabbath School class to sing Christmas songs and pass out the cards that the kids made last month. The heat was turned up SO HIGH in there, that it was just miserable. The girls did ok for awhile but then they were complaining about being hot (and I'm sure they were, I was, and alot of other people commented on it too) and the reality was, we were singing songs the girls don't know well enough to really sing along (they know the FIRST verse of most of the songs but we were singing 2-3 verses of each song, so they only knew a 3rd of what we sang, essentially) and while they could read most of the words if we were just sitting and reading, they don't read fast enough to follow along to sing, so I don't blame them for not being interested in standing NOT singing, in a REALLY HOT building. So dh took them outside to cool off. They tried coming back in one time, but again, were too hot, so he took them back out and when I could get a minute to let the SS teacher know we were leaving, I did so, and we left.

Tonight the girls & I made cookies while dh went in to the office for a few hours.

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