Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend was our 11th anniversary (yes, we're getting old!). The girls spend ALL YEAR looking forward to our anniversary because it means they get a sleepover at Mama & Papa's. To add to the busyness, Thurs night was dh's office Christmas party. So Thurs night we all (everyone (more or less) from his office, assorted family members, etc) went and sang Christmas carols and passed out stuffed animals in the children's ward at our local hospital, then went to a restaurant for dinner. Even though the girls have plenty of experience eating out, such things always make me nervous, but overall they did great. Their complaints about it taking too long to get our food were quiet enough that only the people at our table heard, and they ate their dinner w/o complaining (we had to pre-order between 3 choices, eggplant parmesan, vegetable lasagna, or vegetable stir-fry, none of which are exactly kid-friendly choices. The girls both chose vegetable stir-fry, I was rather nervous that they'd get it & decide it was gross, but they were thrilled to see that their plates were bigger than mommy & daddy's (we'd both gotten vegetable lasagna, which was a big serving, but served on a small plate, the stir-fry was on a HUGE plate). A decided the tofu wasn't edible (can't say as I blame her, the big chunks of rather tasteless tofu have never appealed to me. I LOVE tofu when it's "scrambled" and otherwise in small pieces w/ plenty of flavoring, the big jiggly chunks, not so much) but was willing to push them to the side. The woman who brought out food, and later took away our plates, was amazed that the girls had eaten so much of the vegetables LOL.

Friday morning we headed to Mama & Papa's to drop off the girls, then dh had gotten tickets for the 2 of us to see the Christmas program at Sight & Sound. There were some Biblical/historic inaccuracies that bugged me, but overall it was awesome! We both decided that we need to take the girls there sometime when they are showing either Noah or In the Beginning (since those 2 have lots of animals in them). Sabbath was a relaxing day heading back down toward DC, and eating at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Sunday we went to Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center.

In the meantime the girls had a busy weekend going to the Baltimore Aquarium, driving through a local Christmas lights display, helping Mama & Papa decorate their tree, and making cookies (and a much bigger mess than I'd ever allow OR than my mom ever allowed when *I* was a kid, guess it's that whole grandmother thing LOL). They were sad to leave last night when we picked them up, so I guess that means the weekend was a success for them too, though I think mom was pretty worn out LOL.