Thursday, September 2, 2010


Since I never seem to find time to write a Gratituesday post on Tuesday, I just had to share my gratitude for today!!! Yesterday I was notified that we'd be reviewing a typing program for the TOS Crew. I was SOO excited, I've been wanting to start the girls on typing, since we live in such a computer-dependent world, but hadn't decided what program to use, so getting to try one out free is perfect!  But THEN . . . I got the e-mail from the company and my heart sank . . . they had generously given us a full year's access to their online program, however it was for ONE child. I struggled the rest of the day trying to figure out HOW to decide which of the girls would get to use it. Others on the group were also having trouble with this, but at least they could base it on "who needs more help with reading" or who's older or younger or . . . my girls are at the same place academically, we do all their school together at this point (as they become more able to do independent studying, I plan to encourage them to choose separate unit studies based on their interests and such, but we're not there yet). . . someone DID figure out, from reading the manual, that it's possible to archive a student and use the license for a second student, so I had decided that's what we would do. We would SOMEHOW (and that was the piece I still hadn't figured out) arbitrarily choose one of the girls to use the software for the next 6 months, and then we would "archive" her and her sister would get to use it the second 6 months. Obviously, if this software is an ideal fit for us, we would purchase the software and then it wouldn't matter, but only if it's an ideal fit for us. So, I put the girls to bed last night, still procrastinating the conversation that would require us to choose who gets to use the typing program first. I came back down from putting them to bed and there was a new message from the TOS Crew moderators. The people from the typing software company had decided to give us however many licenses each family needs for the number of age-appropriate children in the family! Woo-hoo!!! I happily and quickly filled out the necessary form to say I needed one additional license.  I am SO thankful that BOTH girls will be able to begin learning typing TOGETHER without the hard feelings and frustrations of only one getting to do it.

So that's my "Gratithursday" post for today.

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