Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - September 26

Yes, I know I'm a couple days late . . . it was a busy weekend (but more on that later).

Last week we got home from Williamsburg and turned around and went to Sesame Place the next day. Yes, we're gluttons for punishment, but some friends from church had free tickets and asked if we wanted to go with them since they knew we had season passes.  I knew the girls were really disappointed that they hadn't gotten to go on Ernie's Bed Bounce (a big moon bounce) the last time we were there, since it has an age limit of 7 or under, so this summer is their last year going on that. So, we decided to go.

It was a great day!! The girls were excited to "show Ethan the park" so were willing to think about what he would like not just what they like (Ethan is 3 1/2). Penny (the mom) doesn't do well with spinning rides and pretty much all the non-water rides are spinning, so she & I sat with the babies in the shade while her husband took Ethan & the big girls (who don't need an adult with them) on the rides. Rodney either went with them, or stayed with us depending on where they were going. It was fun to relax in the shade and visit with Penny while the kids had fun.

After lunch the little ones needed naps so the daddies took the nap-shift and Penny & I took the big kids (the big girls and Ethan) on the water rides. I'd been concerned that it would be crowded on a Sunday, but it wasn't (it's not open during the week this time of year). We had a great time!! Little Bit woke up in time to get in on the tail end of the water fun. She was so funny, when Rodney brought her in and handed her to me near one of the big wading pools, she immediately started pointing at it and signing "water", she was so anxious to get in the water. So we quickly changed into a swim diaper and she had a blast.

So that was the start of last week. Then we dove into the job of getting back to normal life LOL.  Laundry of course (though having a washer & dryer in the condo in Williamsburg made that not AS big a job as it otherwise would have been).  And putting things away. And doing school.   I decided with extra chores (and knowing that we were going to be gone AGAIN this past weekend) it was a good week to skip copywork, much to the girls' delight LOL.


While we were in Williamsburg, the girls saw and fell in love with lap harps and we had one from way back when we were doing a Waldorf preschool program. But it had gotten stuck in a closet and I'd kind of forgotten about it. So we got that out and the girls are loving it! It's at least giving them a taste of "playing an instrument" without dealing with a learning curve.

Also while we were in Williamsburg I received the second license I was waiting on for the typing program we're reviewing, so now both girls are busy learning to type. They are loving it!

So that was our "extras" in school this week.

I also had some tomatoes that our neighbor had given us just before we left for Williamsburg, so I needed to use those. I stopped at a local farm stand and was able to buy several lbs of  tomato "seconds". Nothing wrong with them, they just needed to be used soon. So I got them, combined them with the tomatoes I had from the neighbor, and we cooked up a big batch of tomato soup. We ate some for lunch (both girls liked it, whew!). And then after lunch, we canned the rest of it (4 qts.).  So now we can have tomato soup this winter too, woo-hoo!

Also on the cooking front, I tried a couple other recipes that were a good hit. We made cornmeal mush for breakfast one morning, and both girls liked it (confession time, the girls don't think they like cornmeal mush, so we made "breakfast polenta" instead LOL . . . they liked it, so it worked!). I also tried a new recipe, Crockpot Lentils & Rice one night when hubby was working late (he claims he doesn't like lentils, though I may try this sometime when he's home & see what he thinks). It was SOOO easy!! and SOOO cheap!!! and SOOOO healthy!!! . . . and the girls gobbled it up!! And asked for more. So that'll be a frequent meal, at least when Daddy's not going to be home!

Friday we headed to my parents' house for my grandparents' 70th anniversary celebration, I'll write about that in it's own post.

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