Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - September 5

Waaaah! I WROTE this post. On Sat. night!! And I thought it was scheduled to post ON SUNDAY!!! And then when I came to the blog today to write the post about organization, it wasn't there! So I went into drafts, and it was showing as a draft, but when I OPENED the draft, it was BLANK!!! Sigh . . . THIS is what happens when I try to be ahead of the game!!

Ok, so anyway . . . last week . . . it was a nice quiet, at home kind of week.  We started the week by celebrating my birthday. The girls were so cute! They made all kinds of plans and insisted on doing ALL of it! They, with Daddy's help, made me breakfast in bed. Then brought their own plates up and we had a picnic of sorts on my bed (after which I decided it was a lovely day to wash my sheets LOL). A little while later they declared that Little Bit needed to go for a car ride for her nap & I needed to take her. This gave them time to decorate the house and prepare lunch. When I got home we ate lunch and ice cream cake (yum!)

The rest of our week was spent doing normal stuff.  School, laundry, chores . . . lots of fun stuff like that, hee hee. We enjoyed outside time (and the little plastic seesaw I got at a yardsale when the big girls were around Little Bit's age, is still getting lots of use. Who says a seesaw is only for 2?

A2 has discovered that reading *is* fun! And read Meet Molly in 2-3 days!!! (she spent weeks trying to read another American Girl book a few months ago, so her reading is definitely improving, and as I predicted, once she got to the point where she wasn't struggling so much to read, she now loves it, which of course will lead to further improvement as she reads more. Reason number 101 why we homeschool, being able to not learn things on a pre-determined time table.

In preparation for our Williamsburg trip, we've been listening to the Felicity stories on CD (from the library).

The big girls are doing well with remembering their chores, and having great fun with their new Schleich animals.

Sabbath the weather was PERFECT!! We enjoyed a picnic at the park with friends from church. The girls even found a HUGE owl pellet (we think it used to be a squirrel), they thought that was pretty cool (I thought that was pretty gross, hee hee).

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