Friday, September 3, 2010

Sometimes It's the Little Things . . .

If you don't want to hear about poop & stuff, don't bother reading this post. But it's my blog & if I want to be excited about poop, it's my prerogative hee hee!

So, I think I mentioned that Little Bit has decided that diapers are for going out only. And for the most part, I've been going with the flow on that. At least when Daddy's not home (he takes issue to potential accidents. AND when he's home I tend to try to get more other things done while he can help keep an eye on her, and my main defense against the accidents has been keeping a close eye on her and running her to the potty if she so much as looks like she might be thinking about going potty (but more often, making a very fast run when she starts to go LOL), and he doesn't tend to notice such things, so accidents are more likely if he's home too.

ANYWAY . . . we do lots of talking about going potty and such, but so far any real success has been rather . . . absent. That said, there HAS been progress (IMO) because I've noticed that when she DOES pee it's a LOT, to the point that my previously favorite pull-on diapers are now pretty useless because she floods through them. So, I'm interpreting that to mean that she now holds it until she's either back in a diaper or can't hold it any more, we just need to work on that whole "go to the potty when you need to go" step.  Poop, I was feeling there was less progress, even if she started to go on the floor, if I took her to the potty she wouldn't keep going (which she will, with pee, if I catch her soon enough) & I don't think she's ever pooped IN the potty (well, when she was a baby, but not recently). So anyway . . . I've just been trying to keep track of when I think she might need to poop & make sure she has a diaper on at those times (and watch her closely so I can grab the poop before it gets stepped on if she DOES go on the floor).

This morning she had a poopy diaper early, and has been diaper-less ever since (w/ one partial pee accident). Then as we were eating lunch, she stopped eating, walked over, and sat down on the potty, then got up and acted excited about something. When I looked *I* got excited too. There was POOP in the potty!!! All on her own, w/o me even telling her to sit on the potty!! WOO-HOO!!!!

This does of course, reaffirm my strong belief in Murphy's Law!! Hubby is travelling for work and I just confirmed with him THIS MORNING that yesterday he picked up a couple new diaper covers from a friend. AND last night as I was reading a book to Little Bit and she was obviously following the "story line" and responding to what the book said, it occurred to me that perhaps reading a "potty book" would help, so I went online last night & reserved one from the library, got the notice just a little while ago, that the book is available.  So, naturally, as I take more steps toward either continuing with diapers &/or "teaching" more about hte potty, she figures out a new step all on her own, woo-hoo!!!

I must admit, if she'll poop train, I'm more than happy to deal with wet diapers for however long, it's poopy ones that are a challenge in this house w/o a downstairs bathroom. HOWEVER, if she wants to continue to run around diaper-free, she does need to master the pee part of things too :)

So that's my "excitement" for today.

In other cute toddler news, Little Bit has, apparently decided that climbing into the glider by way of the seat is SO 16 months, she now sets a stool beside the glider & climbs over the arm, silly kid.

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