Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Organic Milkmaid Tea (and a coupon code!)

A week or so ago Earth Mama Angel Baby, sent me a box of their Organic Milkmaid Tea to review. I first heard of Earth Mama Angel Baby when a dear friend gave me some of their products as a baby gift when the twins were born (yes, 7 1/2 years ago!).  And I have loved their products ever since. Even at the health food stores it is hard to find truly SAFE products!! Many of the "natural" products still contain artificial "stuff". But EMAB is dedicated to keeping their products truly natural and safe.

I happened to receive my tea on a day when I wasn't feeling great anyway, so it was a great pick-me-up.  I was abit worried that the fennel taste would be too strong for my liking (I'm not a fan of licorice, and fennel tastes similar). But it's quite mild. It's a yummy blend of flavors and lovely health benefits!

Then I noticed that the box said it could be served hot OR iced. So of course, in order to give a complete review, I had to try it iced too. Why yes, that is yummy too!

But THEN, as I was starting to write this review (what, you didn't think writing blog posts happen all at once did you? I can't tell you how many drafts of posts I have going at any given time, it's a process, I tell you, a process!), I happened to notice, as I was looking on the EMAB site for the specifics of the tea, that they have a recipe tab (see it? It's right there next to the ingredients and the reviews and such). So of course, I had to check that out. French Vanilla Chai . . . umm, of COURSE I need to try that!! BUT . . . I don't have vanilla creamer (soy or otherwise), and didn't really want to go buy some because, well, I don't like soymilk in any form, and pretty much every flavored creamer I've ever seen (can't speak to soy creamers because, did I mention I don't do soymilk) is full of artificial flavors and preservatives and all kinds of things that I TRY to limit in my diet. But now I was totally in the mood for vanilla chai, so I improvised.  I brewed my yummy milkmaid tea. And stirred in a little sucanat (natural sugar). Then I added a little organic vanilla extract, then some raw milk. Then sprinkled some cinnamon and ginger on top.  Oh WOW!! That was some GOOD stuff!!! Seriously, I'm not a huge chai person (I like it, but don't get it often, and certainly am no expert on it) but I think this was at LEAST as good as "real" chai tea, and certainly a healthy version, with all those good herbs in the tea! Seriously, you have GOT to try it!

The Milkmaid tea contains lots of great herbs for helping with milk production, including fennel, anise, and caraway! It also contains nettle & red raspberry leaf which are chock full of great minerals, super healthy for all of us, and especially those of us who are sharing our nutrients with a nursling.

I can't say I saw any change in my milk production from drinking the tea, BUT I'm nursing a toddler, not an infant, and I've always had plenty of milk (I nursed twins without any problem, afterall). I CAN say that I have heard MANY moms who were having difficulty with milk production, vouch for how well fennel and anise work, so this would be a great, easy, YUMMY solution if you ARE experiencing difficulties.

And if all that hasn't convinced you to run right out and try this yummy, healthy tea (even if you aren't breastfeeding, it's yummy & red raspberry leaf and nettles are good for you no matter what!) Earth Mama Angel Baby is letting me share a coupon code with you too!! Just use coupon code Milkmaid 20 at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase of Organic Milkmaid Tea.  Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: I received a free box of Milkmaid Tea in exchange for writing this review. No other compensation was received, my opinions are my own.

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