Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I See Cards - Homeschool Review

As regular readers of my blog probably know, I'm not a big fan of "math class" per se. I feel that simple arithmetic can be learned more easily & with better retention, through life. So, when I saw that we were on the list from the TOS Crew to review a math game, I had mixed feelings. But hey, it's a game, and I feel confident that my children are at or above "grade level" in their math skills, so I figured we'd see how it goes. . . 

We received the Pyramath card game from I See Cards. Who knew a simple deck of numbered cards could be so fun! At least to start, I decided we'd stick to addition & subtraction. While the girls do know some multiplication and division, they don't know all of them, and I felt that would simplify things, at least while we're learning.  What this game taught me was that, while the girls understand addition and subtraction, and can do it, they're not fast at it. Which isn't a big deal, but certainly doesn't hurt to work on that. And this game has done that wonderfully! We've been playing it for a few weeks now, and I've seen their speed really pick up as we continue to play it.  We also recently started including multiplication in our games, and they're doing well with that too. 

A1 LOVES this game. She asks to play EVERY day!! And would play multiple games in a row, if time allowed (card games and a busy 17 mo old don't mix well, so we only get a chance to play when Little Bit is napping or Daddy's home to watch her).  A2 enjoys it, but overall she's not a fan of competitive games (winning games, as she calls them).  She prefers co-operative games. I think she also dislikes the absolute "luck" aspect of this game. Sometimes we'll work together playing the solitaire version.

The game is listed as being for Grades K and up, and I think that is probably accurate. Although Little Bit thinks the cards are great fun to scatter around and pick back up whenever she manages to get ahold of them, hee hee.

This is a great, educational game at a great price! Only $6.95, can't beat that! And another fun feature. The cards, in addition to having the regular numbers on them, it has the Roman numeral, Chinese symbol, Aramaic symbol, and the number written out in English, Spanish, and French.

I See Cards also sells several other card games that teach fractions, prime numbers, and a combination of language learning and basic math. 

All in all, this is a great game, I'd highly recommend it to anyone with kids who enjoy games!

Disclaimer:  I was sent the game Pyramath in exchange for writing this review. No other compensation was received , all opinions are my own.

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I went to the website- looks like a pretty cool game. I'll have to add that to our "want" list!