Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - Sept 12

Another busy week . . . 

Sunday the big girls went to Grandmom's with Daddy. Little Bit & I had an exciting day of errands and cleaning and other exciting things like that. 

Monday, Daddy had off for Labor Day, so we went to the Renaissance Faire. The big girls had a BLAST!! They remembered the storyline from last year and immediately jumped into the new storyline. Given the choice of eating cupcakes with the queen or watching a joust my ladylike little girls obviously chose . . . the joust! They also begged to stay for the final joust, a "joust to the death" and declared it not "THAT violent" when it was all done. We happened to go on "children's weekend" so there was also a kids' treasure hunt, which the girls, of course were very into. And, like last year, the human chess game was a favorite (why now, we didn't get around to the actual children's shows . . . we're weird that way).  Little Bit spent the day insisting on WALKING, generally helping to push the stroller, and otherwise being Little Bit. Our biggest challenge was that she REFUSED to nap! There was entirely TOO MUCH else going on. Finally, while the big girls were happily decorating their crowns (can't pass up a chance at crafts), I found a relatively unexciting corner and nursed her to sleep. By then, she was exhausted enough that she even stayed asleep when I transferred her to the stroller, and continued to sleep in the stroller throughout the Human Chess game.

Thurs. night we had a book club for moms of young children, hosted by our pastor's wife. While the moms talked, and the little ones played with Duplos and such, Pastor Mike too the twins outside to play with a huge yoga ball type ball that they have. The girls had a blast, and when the evening was over, Pastor Mike had logged a mile and a half on his pedometer. I offered to bring the girls over weekly so he could cancel his gym membership LOL.  Also during bookclub, Little Bit saw Jared (11 mo old, but as big or bigger than she is), crawl by & tried to climb on his back. She has great fun riding "horsey" with her big sisters, and was quite certain that Jared would be up for the game as well. Mommy spoiled her fun and didn't allow it, hee hee.

The other fun this week was lots of cooking.  We tried a new recipe for whole wheat vanilla wafers. They're YUMMY, but stuck to the pan. The recipe DID call for baking them on parchment paper but I assumed we didn't need that since I use baking stones. I think they would have been ok if I'd taken them off the pan as soon as they came out of the oven. We sample them at that point and they came off the pan fine, but then I left the rest while I took the big girls upstairs and put them to bed, and by the time I came back downstairs, the cookies were well stuck to the pan. We've been enjoying the cookie crumbs, just the same LOL.

We also made and canned a big batch of tomato sauce (I finally have a "recipe" I think we like, I'll post about that later). A2 was a HUGE help with that. She ran all the tomatoes through the blender for me! A1 was helpful by playing with Little Bit so we could get them all done, which is also helpful LOL.

A2 began learning typing this week, she is SOO excited about it (A1 will be able to begin hopefully by next week, waiting on a second license to use the software). It moves quickly, so she can see progress, which is always key for her in learning . . . 

So, a productive, week all around. Lots of fun AND lots accomplished!! 

Little Bit continues to dabble at potty learning. She generally wants to be nakey if we are home. Or perhaps more accurately, she generally wants to be nakey & and generally allow it when we are at home. It's probably 50/50 that she will go sit on the potty on her own, or will start to pee, then give me a kind of shocked "oh no!" look, and stop and I'll run her to the potty where she finishes up. So, we're moving in the right direction . . . One night this week as she was getting ready for bed, she was wearing a diaper she could remove herself (we have a few snap ones that she can't . . .yet . . .). She took her diaper off, handed it to me, went to teh potty, and peed. Works for me.  . .


Jessica said...

The Renaissance Faire sounded like a lot of fun. How old is Little Bit? I'm thinking I should probably start working on the potty training with my daughter.

Jessica said...
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Sweetpeas said...

Little Bit's only 17 mo, I wouldn't push it so young, but since she insists on removing her diaper, I'm not interested in cleaning up pee & poop indefinitely. Every kid is different. I'm convinced that as a rule children in cloth diapers potty learn earlier than those who've always been in disposables (the twins were 29 mo when they were completely potty trained, but A2 was only a couple months older than Little Bit is, when she first started asking to use the potty some of the time).

Pushing potty train when they have no interest is, in my opinion, pointless. At best, you'll end up with YOU being trained to take them to the potty regularly. BUT I also disagree with the current trend of not even following their lead or making a potty available until they're 3 or older. In our house, I've always had potties out by 14 mo or thereabouts, any interest is definitely encouraged!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I'm going to follow the idea of putting the potty out. Actually her potty plays music and has been a toy in her room for a long time now. I hope it doesn't confuse her when it goes into the bathroom. (Mine girly is 16 months old. I was thinking end of this year will probably be when we're both ready.)